What time does Big Brother come on tonight? CBS goes against AGT

Big Brother 21 OTEV
OTEV during Big Brother 21 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother comes on tonight and it’s an important episode on CBS. The network is also hoping that the latest episode of the show can do well up against America’s Got Talent on NBC and MasterChef on FOX.

During the last episode, Jackson Michie was shown winning the Head of Household Competition. It was an Endurance Challenge and he easily beat out the rest of the BB21 cast to secure power over the house.

The Nomination Ceremony was also shown, where Jackson carried out a plan he had worked out with showmance partner Holly Allen. Jackson nominated Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera, letting everyone know that Christie was his primary target for eviction.

This was a bold move by Jackson, as it showed he wasn’t going to fall back on the Six Shooters alliance, which is what Tommy Bracco and Christie hoped would take place during the week.

What time does Big Brother come on tonight?

Season 21, Episode 25 of Big Brother 21 comes on Wednesday, August 21 at 8/7c. It’s an important episode because it is finally going to reveal to CBS viewers what took place over the past weekend.

The Wednesday night episode will likely cover a lot of drama that has taken place, as well as the plans that Christie and Analyse had to secure safety for the week. Could one of them be saved from the block?

A Veto Competition and then the Veto Ceremony will be shown during Episode 25, and the hour will end with two people on the block for eviction. There could also be some heavy hints about who is the most likely houseguest to join Kathryn Dunn and Jack Matthews on the BB21 jury this Thursday night.

There are just nine people left in the game, with that number set to drop to eight on Thursday night. If you don’t keep up with the live feed spoilers, this is a really important episode to watch.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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