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What happened to Midsomer Murders on Netflix? Was it removed?

John Nettles in Midsomer Murders
John Nettles in Midsomer Murders. Pic credit: Bentley Productions/ITV

It’s a new month which means all streaming platforms make changes to their list of titles. Netflix especially has a big month ahead with huge event programming such as the Breaking Bad sequel, El Camino.

But one British show, in particular, has viewers scrambling to figure out where and why the show cannot be found. And that show is the popular detective series Midsomer Murders. Was it removed by Netflix or is the show still on the popular streaming service?

Here is what to know about Midsomer Murders on Netflix and where it can still be watched online.

Midsomer Murders on Netflix: What’s the show about?

The show is based on a series of murder mystery novels written by Caroline Graham. The show itself has been ongoing for the better part of two decades, with the first pilot airing in 1997. And currently, the series has 20 seasons, which is impressive.

The series centers around a made-up town in England called Midsomer where Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby solves various homicides in the area. As IMDb notes, the lead role in the later seasons is John Barnaby, who is the cousin who stepped in for the old lead of the show, Tom Barnaby. And since its inception, both leads have had a revolving door of Sergeants to help solve the town mysteries.

The Telegraph also states that since the show began, Midsomer Murders has been bought by over 200 countries around the globe, making it one of the most sought after British programs.

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Those who are a fan of programs with humorous and disturbing death scenes will dig the show as well. ITV put together some of the best kills in the series which range from being burned alive to getting electrocuted by a roulette table. Check it out below.

Is Midsomer Murders on Netflix?

Unfortunately, once October hit, Midsomer Murders was placed on the chopping block of programs by Netflix. Since the show contained 19 seasons on the platform, that was a lot of room to make for incoming programming. Sadly, at the expense of fans of the show.

However, if one possesses an account for YouTubeTV, the series is still available for streaming over on that site.

For now, Netflix subscribers will have to wait until the company reinstates this long-beloved television show for its consumers.

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