What happened to Gabe Rygaard from Ax Men?

Gabe Rygaard sadly died in 2017 in a tragic car accident. Pic credit: History
Gabe Rygaard sadly died in 2017 in a tragic car accident. Pic credit: History

On Ax Men on History, one of the featured families are the Rygaard clan. Their company is a powerhouse in the logging industry, but the loss of Gabe Rygaard right in the middle of the prime of his life has left a mark on his father Craig and brother Jason, who now run the business.

Jason Rygaard was featured heavily on the latest episode called Whiteout in Season 10 of the popular nonfiction TV series.

While Gabriel Rygaard died in September of 2017 in a car accident, fans who tune in to the show are still wondering what happened to the popular cast member.

A father of three children, Rygaard was only 45 years old. He was described as a logger and former Clallam County commissioner candidate. His shocking death happened during a three-vehicle collision on U.S. Highway 101 west of Port Angeles.

For the nine seasons he appeared on Ax Men, Gabe Rygaard’s popularity grew to the point that he ran as a Republican in the primary election as a representative in the general election. His death was a truly tragic event.

What happened to Gabe Rygaard?

The fan-favorite reality star died on September 16, 2017, after colliding with another vehicle. Reports say he was driving down Highway 101 in his hometown of Port Angeles when he lost control of his vehicle. An over-correction caused Gabe to head into oncoming traffic and he hit another car head-on. He was not wearing a seat belt and the injuries sustained during the car crash killed him quickly.

Deaths on Ax Men

Over the course of the seasons, the show has lost some men. Gabe Rygaard was the third Ax Men cast member to pass away.

In 2012, S&S Aqua Logging member, Jimmy Smith, died at the age of 56 from cancer. Then, in 2013, Bart Colantuono died in a helicopter crash. He was 53 years old.

What is Ax Men?

History Channel series Ax Men is back for a brand-new season after a near three year hiatus.

The docuseries films companies that make their living logging in the Pacific Northwest who are competing in a very competitive market, while battling weather and bad luck with mechanical issues.

After the shocking death of Gabe Rygaard, father Craig and brother Jason Rygaard of Rygaard Logging are still plugging away.

History says:

“In Season 10, audiences will watch as the family duo tries to keep their company afloat after a tragic accident in September 2016 took the life of Craig’s oldest son and company owner, Gabe Rygaard.”

Ax Men airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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