WandaVision boss indicates Vision and Scarlet Witch could reunite

Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision. Pic credit: Disney+

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for WandaVision season 1.

The Scarlet Witch and Vision’s story may not be finished yet. 

Despite the conclusion for the first season of WandaVision, showrunner Jac Schaeffer relayed that there’s still a chance the pair of star-crossed Avengers could reunite in the future. 

The goodbye

The Season 1 finale of WandaVision showed Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) being forced to acknowledge her dark actions transforming the town of Westview into her own personal TV sitcom world. She also did battle with witch Agatha Harkness. 

Meanwhile, the Vision (Paul Bettany), who Wanda had revived for this world, fought the real Vision, now rebuilt in a new white-skinned body. The two Visions managed to come to a peaceful accord after the “Westview Vision” shared his memories with the other. 

The “White Vision” left the town to try and find his own path. Realizing that she couldn’t keep living in this fake world, Wanda had to bid her created Vision goodbye tearfully and then end the “hex” to wipe him from existence.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Wanda as, once more, she had to watch Vision die before her eyes. But speaking to Empire Magazine, Schaeffer indicated there’s a chance of a reunion. 

They’ve done this before, which is horrible and kind of crazy that as storytellers, we signed up to tell what could be seen as the same story over again. But that was my way of reconciling that. That’s so beautiful [because] this is what makes them special and magical. That they’ve been at this precipice before and Vision is a Synthezoid of statistics. It actually does make scientific and probably sense that there will be more.”

Vision and Wanda’s marriage ended when Vision was reprogrammed into a new white body in the comics. While he regained his emotions, he and Wanda were still apart even while working together as Avengers. 

The ending

WandaVision goodbye
Vision (Paul Bettany) destroyed in WandaVision. Pic credit: Disney_

Schaeffer discussed how the ending was tricky to figure out and included an alternate take of Wanda trying to “bind” Vision to her so he’d survive the hex being ended.

It was also problematic as near the end of production came the coronavirus pandemic-induced shutdowns, which delayed some of the finished work. 

“The last bit of that scene where they’re standing together and [Vision says] ‘We’ve said goodbye before.’ His questions about who he is and all that. That was early stuff. The finale took forever to write and was being rewritten almost to the end in terms of all the action pieces and logic pieces of Scarlet Witch’s power, and all of that stuff. 

Then COVID [hit] and there was some logistical rewriting, but that scene was shot early in the production schedule because it was written early in the process. And it was the heart of the show for me. Some of that language was part of my pitch. Originally, she had to perform a binding spell to bind him back to herself. So, that magic piece of it shifted, but when I pitched it to Paul, I pitched it as this. Him saying, ‘I’ve been all these things, what could I be next?’ That was always really important to me and I could see it very clearly.”

Vision’s long history of being destroyed and rebuilt lends itself to him finding a way to return his old personality into the “White Vision” body.

The series ended with Wanda using the Darkhold, perhaps to bring back her sons, but with the “White Vision” still out there, the possibility this unique couple makes a return for more magic remains strong. 

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