Vivian Maddox on How To Get Away With Murder: Who is the HTGAWM character?

Charlie Weber as Frank on How To Get Away With Murder
Frank discovered Gabriel Maddox was the son of Sam Keating and Vivian Maddox. Pic credit: ABC

How To Get Away With Murder dropped a bombshell during the fall finale with the identity of Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn). While fans had speculated who the handsome young man could be, no one had accounted for who his mother may be.

Vivian Maddox was Sam Keating’s (Tom Verica) wife. It wasn’t a secret that he had been married prior to marrying Annalise (Viola Davis), but the details surrounding all of that weren’t exactly clear.

Will Vivian Maddox appear on How To Get Away With Murder in the future?

A comment made by Gabriel to Annalise in the church during the How To Get Away With Murder fall finale suggests that his mom, Vivian Maddox, may no longer be alive. When he discovered she smelled like vodka, he mentioned wanting to help her before it’s too late like it was for his mom. So, what does too late mean?

With the return of How To Get Away With Murder happening in 2019, there will be a lot of questions that need to be addressed. The final scene of the finale showed Annalise in her home and Gabriel walking in as she tells him she knows who he is. What will happen next?

Viewers have wondered about who “The One” is calling Frank (Charlie Weber). It was brought up while Gabriel was being talked about, so the suspicion that it may be Vivian Maddox has been discussed among fans. At this point, anything is possible.

Seeing Vivian Maddox when How To Get Away With Murder returns wouldn’t be surprising. The show is known for flashbacks and if she is really dead, this would be the ideal way to introduce her. Annalise knows who she is, and now she knows who Gabriel really is too.

Annalise was the other woman in the relationship between Sam and Vivian. He left his wife to be with her, and now he is dead and she is back to drinking again. For now, Gabriel’s mom is just a name on a birth certificate but moving forward could render her much more.

How To Get Away With Murder returns to ABC in January 2019.

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