Vampire legends and tricksters as Ghost Adventures visits the Wolf Creek Inn

Ghost Adventures visits the Wolf Creek Inn
Ghost Adventures visits the Wolf Creek Inn, where there are several paranormal legends that could be related

This week Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew are headed to the Wolf Creek Inn, Oregon, where vampires and tricksters are the order of the day.

The inn is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the region and Zak thinks it could also be the most haunted.  The place was used as a coach stop for decades and saw thousands of people travelling through as they travelled up and down the  coast.

However, the reason Zak and the crew are visiting is not just on the random chance that one of the passengers might have died or the throng of humanity has left some paranormal trace. Instead they are there due to reports of a girl, but this is no ordinary haunting or lost spirit.

The reports are that there is some ancient evil entity that is pretending to be a little girl, but there is also a local vampire legend. It is said that a vampire lurks in the woods around the inn and feeds on those unlucky enough to cross its path.

However, Zak thinks the two are linked and that the vampire legend is actually a trickster one that then uses the guise of a little girl to get close to its victims. He also says that during the filming that he felt in close contact with it, almost as if it did not want him to work out the link between itself and the little girl.

Ghost Adventures airs on Saturdays at 9|8c on Travel Channel.

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