Uncle Duncan in Locke & Key: Is Duncan gay in the Netflix original series?

Uncle Duncan in Locke & Key: Is Duncan gay in the Netflix original series?
Aaron Ashmore as Uncle Duncan on Locke & Key. Pic credit: Netflix

There were a lot of changes in Locke & Key as it made its way to Netflix. The critically acclaimed Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic book series kept a lot intact but also made a few changes with the characters.

One example of a positive change is the mother Nina, who was an alcoholic who relapsed immediately in the comics but continued the good fight through much of the series.

However, the Netflix series almost completely wiped out the backstory of Uncle Duncan Locke, played by Aaron Ashmore.

Duncan Locke in Locke & Key

Duncan Locke was an important part of Locke & Key in the comics, but only slightly essential in the Netflix series.

In the TV series, it was Tyler Locke and his sister Kinsey who figured out that Duncan had his mind wiped when he was young after seeing something he shouldn’t have.

They also learned that he couldn’t remember the events even when watching them.

However, in the comic books, Duncan was a lot more important.

See, Duncan is gay and had a boyfriend named Brian Rogan back home. This played an important role in the comic book series.

In the comics, Dodge went after Duncan to use the Head Key to ensure that he had no memories whatsoever of the demon. When Brian came in and saw Dodge, he grabbed a knife. However, Dodge had a gun and chased Brian outside where two bigots ran him down with a car.

Brian ended up in a coma and it effectively took Duncan out of the fight until later in the comic book series.

Is Duncan gay in the Netflix series?

Locke & Key on Netflix does almost nothing to show that Uncle Duncan is gay.

However, the fact is that he is gay is in the Netflix series as well.

There is one line in the series where Uncle Duncan offers his sister-in-law Nina a place to stay with her kids if they want to get out of Matheson, Massachusettes for a break. He said they can stay with him and Brian.

While it was never a big thing, it proved that Duncan and Brian were a couple on the TV show, just as they were in the comics.

Who is Aaron Ashmore on Locke & Key?

You probably recognize Uncle Duncan on Locke & Key on Netflix, but he is not who you think he is.

Likely, most people will think that Duncan is Shawn Ashmore, the actor who played Iceman in the original X-Men trilogy. However, Duncan is Shawn’s twin brother Aaron Ashmore.

Aaron Ashmore is the actor who played Jimmy Olsen on the TV series Smallville as well as Johnny Jaqobis on Killjoys and Steve Jinks in Warehouse 13.

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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tired of this queer stuff being jammed down my throat

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No one asked. You didn’t have to read this article and it only mentions that Duncan is gay in one line during the show, you’ll get over it.

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As opposed to all the oppression, queer bashing and straight stuff being “jammed” down queer people’s?