Trouble as Timber Creek Lodge double booked and Nikita rates the guests a hard 7

Timber Creek Lodge
Some new guests arrive at Timber Creek Lodge but are they as hot as they think?

This week on Timber Creek Lodge, the luxury retreat is double booked and some guests are not as hot as they think.

Once again, Timber Creek Lodge has been double booked, with a group of models and some hotties from Hawaii both arriving to stay.

The staff take everything in their stride but they have also seen it all before and a few of them reckon the new guests are not as hot as they think. Chef Nikita says these girls think they are the hottest thing to hit the lodge, but she reckons they need to get over themselves…rating them a hard 7.

Nikita us never shy about voicing her opinions, as we saw the other week, but in this case she seems to be channeling the general feeling of the staff.

Also on this episode, a guests gives Mark attention and that strains things with him Jenna plus Blake’s Instagram activity gets him in trouble.

Catch Timber Creek Lodge – A Hard 7 at Best at 8 PM on BRAVO.

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