Timber Creek Lodge Season 2: Has the show been canceled by Bravo?

Timber Creek Lodge was a show that aired on Bravo back in late 2016 to early 2017. The show, which ran for 8 episodes, followed the crew at the Whistler, BC lodge owned by the Gibbons company. The show was supposed to follow the concept of Après Ski, another Bravo show. On Timber Creek Lodge, viewers got to follow the


Nikita lashes out at cameras on Timber Creek Lodge

This week on Timber Creek Lodge, tensions are high as Nikita’s lack of communication annoys her co-workers. Some of them see themselves doing more work but getting less reward than the feisty chef. As they accuse her of throwing up a wall she defends herself saying that she works all day in the kitchen and

Mark and Jenna get jiggy on Timber Creek Lodge

Mark Milburn and Jenna Gillund get jiggy on this week’s Timber Creek Lodge — after having the opportunity to spend the night alone together in the 5-star luxury lodge. Mark hasn’t been sure where he stands with Jenna, but decides to take action by courting her and asking her on a proper date. And when they


Who is Andrea Correale, the millionairess on Timber Creek Lodge?

This week’s episode of Bravo’s new reality show Timber Creek Lodge sees millionaire guest Andrea Correale snub chef Nikita’s food because she doesn’t think it’s good enough. Footage from the show, set at a luxury 5-star ski-lodge in Whistler, British Columbia, sees Andrea turn her nose up at a chicken and cous-cous dish that top

Meet the cast of Timber Creek Lodge

Timber Creek Lodge — basically Bravo’s land-based version of Below Deck — is here, as the cameras follow the staff of a super-luxury ski lodge as they cater to their rich customers’ every whim. As we all know, ski resorts are places to party and as the cast live in tight quarters at the new lodges