Nikita lashes out at cameras on Timber Creek Lodge

Chef Nikita on Timber Creek Lodge
Chef Nikita on Timber Creek Lodge

This week on Timber Creek Lodge, tensions are high as Nikita’s lack of communication annoys her co-workers.

Some of them see themselves doing more work but getting less reward than the feisty chef.

As they accuse her of throwing up a wall she defends herself saying that she works all day in the kitchen and has little contact with the rest of the workers.

After she storms out things get even worse, as Head of Housekeeping Louise Robinson speaks to her and tells her she should go.

As Nikita tries to get away, the cameras follow her and she lashes out at them!

Also on this episode, Louise tries to keep two very different sets of guests apart and Jenna analyses her relationship with Mark.

Watch Timber Creek Lodge – Prickly Like a Cactus at 10 PM on Bravo.

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