Meet the cast of Timber Creek Lodge

The Timber Creek Lodge cast
The Timber Creek Lodge cast. Find out more about each staff member below

Timber Creek Lodge — basically Bravo’s land-based version of Below Deck — is here, as the cameras follow the staff of a super-luxury ski lodge as they cater to their rich customers’ every whim.

As we all know, ski resorts are places to party and as the cast live in tight quarters at the new lodges we can expect all sorts of craziness and upstairs-downstairs goings on.

Several of the Timber Creek Lodge staff have fiery personalities and the cast ooze sex-appeal — so things are guaranteed to get steamy while temperatures drop and the snow falls on the slopes outside.

But who are the guys and girls who make up the cast? May we introduce you to…

The Timber Creek Lodge cast

Joey Gibbons, Gibbons Life CEO

Joey Gibbons
Joey Gibbons is the main man at Timber Creek Lodge, as the CEO of Gibbons Life

Joey is the CEO of Gibbons Whistler, which recently bought the new lodge featured in Timber Creek Lodge.

The company has been up and running since 1979 and is part of the Whistler furniture, owning five of the resort’s bars and a craft brewery and distillery as well as running festivals and events.

They also recently set up a travel arm called Gibbons Life, which organises five-star holidays for premium-paying guests.

The cast on Timber Creek Lodge are part of the Gibbons Life concierge team. Joey is a Whistler native.

Cynthia Barker, VIP Mountain Host

Cynthia Barker
Cynthia has lots of different skills, in everything from events planning to photography

Cynthia grew up on Vancouver Island and has always been into mountain sports, including everything from skiing to mountain biking.

She now entertains clients with the Timber Creek Lodge team, using her previous experience working as an events manager.

She has a BA in cultural anthropology and later did a diploma in marketing focusing on PR. She’s also a keen photographer, writer and producer. Cynthia has also worked as a flight attendant in the past, and she volunteered at the Rio Olympics in Brazil in the summer of 2016.

Katy Boyd, Lodge Manager

Katy Boyd
Katy Boyd is a part-time model and set up her own business in the past

Katy manages the new lodge, but also spends time acting and modeling on the side.

She has wide-ranging experience, doing everything from setting up her own dance company and event planning business, to working in banking and insurance.

She was born in Kansas but grew up in Olivia, North Carolina, and has both a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA.

Blake Dubler, Lodgehand

Blake Dubler
Blake Dubler is from Australia and is a keen snowboarder and surfer

Blake is a keen snowboarder and — thanks to his Aussie heritage — surfer.

Like many other members of the Timber Creek Lodge cast, he has done lots of different things in the past, including running several startups and working as a multimedia producer.

He also does a lot for charitable organizations, with a special focus on helping underprivileged youngsters.

He grew up in Sydney, Australia, and in his new job helps in all sorts of ways around the lodge.

Jenna Gillund, Housekeeping/Server

Jenna Gillund
Jenna Gillund used to be an NBA cheerleader before moving into the restaurant business

Bubbly Jenna loves the outdoors and travelling, and has lived all over the states.

She was born in Chicago, thinks of herself as a Texan, but currently lives in LA when not working at the lodge.

Jenna was a cheerleader with the Dallas Mavericks before starting work in the restaurant business.

Jamie Murphy, Assistant Lodge Manager

Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy is no stranger to organizing lavish events after his work as a personal assistant

Jamie is the assistant lodge manager and has to oversee lots of the other staff to make sure they’re doing a good job.

He was born on a small island on the East Coast but now lives in Vancouver.

His main work has been as a personal assistant for VIPs, where he helps organize their jet-setting lives, so is no stranger to organizing extravagant parties and trips like those featured on Timber Creek Lodge.

He’s a great networker and knows people in every corner of the planet.

Mark Milburn, Senior VIP Mountain Host

Mark Milburn
Mark Milburn is an outdoors and adventure fanatic and helps teach outdoor education

Hunky Mark was born in Calgary, Alberta, and has been skiing since he was two.

He’s a fitness fanatic and combined his love for the health scene and work in the past when he opened two gyms in Victoria, British Columbia.

He’s also an adrenaline junkie and has led trips doing everything from heli-skiing to serious mountain biking.

In the off season, he helps teach outdoor education on a school program in Switzerland.

Louise Robinson, Head of Housekeeping

Louise Robinson
Louise Robinson used to be a drama teacher and is big on living the healthy life

Louise is the second Aussie in the Timber Creek Lodge cast, but is now based in Whistler.

Initially she trained as a drama teacher while working as a model and a server. She’s still very involved in the theatre, doing everything from writing comedy to developing drama programs for sports teams.

She also loves the healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others to live a healthy, sustainable life.

Colston Villanueva, VIP Mountain Host

Colston Villanueva
Colston Villanueva is a successful big-mountain free-skier

Colston made a name for himself in the past as a big-mountain free-skier after growing up in a small skiing town in British Columbia.

But he’s a multi-faceted guy, and also makes music and studies political science.

Somehow he also finds time for regular big adventures and partying — big-time.

Nikita Williams, Chef

Nikita Williams
Nikita Williams is an accomplished chef and has her own unique style

Nikita first got into the kitchen when she got a job in a Mexican restaurant at the age of 15, before going on to culinary school and working for four years at a catering company.

She comes from Vancouver Island and grew up with nine brothers and sisters under the care of two foster parents, so is no stranger to living with lots of other people.

She now loves nothing more than serving up top-notch cuisine, then relaxing with a glass of Chianti.

Timber Creek Lodge airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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