Timber Creek Lodge Season 2: Has the show been canceled by Bravo?

Timber Creek Lodge
Timber Creek Lodge only had one season on Bravo. Pic credit: Bravo

Timber Creek Lodge was a show that aired on Bravo back in late 2016 to early 2017. The show, which ran for 8 episodes, followed the crew at the Whistler, BC lodge owned by the Gibbons company.

The show was supposed to follow the concept of Après Ski, another Bravo show. On Timber Creek Lodge, viewers got to follow the crew of an exclusive Canadian ski resort that serves to extremely wealthy clientele.

In Whistler, BC the staff of a popular resort lodge lived and worked together with some people returning every season and others only working one season with the crew. The show also had some drama, as some of the workers got involved with one another – and with some of the guests.

However, it sounds like Bravo didn’t see the show as a massive success. Timber Creek Lodge season 2 hasn’t been announced by Bravo and the network hasn’t issued any cancellation press releases about the show. But by all accounts, it doesn’t sound like the show is coming back.

The Gibbons company is going strong and you can still lease the lodge used in Timber Creek Lodge.

The company’s website reveals that they have been in Whistler for 35 years, and the team specializes in customized Whistler experiences, including but not limited to luxury accommodation, VIP entry to the most iconic nightclubs, and other activities.

For those who are curious about the relationships developed during the first season of the show, it sounds like Mark Milburn and Jenna Gillund decided to end their romance after filming wrapped.

“We just recognized after we got more time together that we just were slightly different people and wanted different things at that point in our lives,” Mark told Bravo after the show wrapped.

“Jenna is all about family and wants to have that now, and I’m really pursuing my career. I love guiding and being in the mountains. And so, it was just difficult. I didn’t want to move to L.A., she didn’t want to move to Canada, but I respect her as a person, and I think she’s an incredible person.”

Timber Creek Lodge appears to have been canceled by Bravo.

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