Tribes of Europa: Will there be a Season 2?

Promotional image from Tribes of Europa.
A promotional image from Netflix’s Tribes of Europa. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s sci-fi action series Tribes of Europa is set in the year 2074 and explores the post-apocalyptic adventure of three siblings.

On their journey, they are separated from one another and are forced to fight for their lives and morality. 

What is the series about?

The tagline for Tribes of Europa is, “the future is not what’s expected” — and as events unfold throughout the episodes, that couldn’t be more true. 

In the series, after a fictional global catastrophe, Europe is divided into four tribes. The tribes have conflicting belief systems and are all fighting to obtain dominance. 

The Crimson Republic is built with the remains of a European militant group and they are “trying to uphold a reminiscence of civilization and to protect other tribes.”

The tribe, The Crows, is the opposite. They function underneath a cruel dictatorship and believe in enslavement. 

The remaining two also differ greatly. The Origines is an anti-technology tribe, and they strive to “live a pacifist life in harmony with nature.” Lastly, there is The Atlantians. This tribe is described to be “the most mysterious and technologically advanced tribe of all.” 

Will there be a Season 2?

Tribes of Europa dropped on Netflix on February 19. As of now, there is no sign of the series being renewed for another season. 

However, it has garnered positive critical reception and been compared to the shows Game of Thrones and Dark. Both of those series have multiple seasons to carry out their respective stories. 

Despite the series still being new, Twitter fans have already taken to the platform to share their admiration of the show’s characters and the “dystopian vibes” featured. 

One fan found themselves “very intrigued” by the series and shared that they are “sold” on the show’s ambiance. 

Tribes of Europa
Pic credit: @eyessharp100/Twitter

It is also promising to know that Netflix was very intrigued and pleased with the original conception by the show’s creator, Phillip Koch.

Rachel Eggebeen, a Director of International Originals at Netflix, said, “Philip Koch quickly convinced us with his clear vision and his great ideas of creative realization. It was very important for us to bring more variety to the screen.” 

She also noted the show’s ability to “work on a global scale.” Eggebeen shared, “We were convinced that this show would be a perfect fit for Netflix and our audience.”

Tribes of Europa ended on a less-than-concrete note. There is plenty left to be explored in a new season, especially surrounding the events that unfolded with the mysterious cube and how the siblings are getting along with their newfound tribes. 

Tribes of Europa Season 1 is currency streaming on Netflix.

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