Transgender model who had cheekbones ‘sawed’ and silicone injections seeks help on Botched

Transgender model Shauna Brooks on Botched
Transgender model Shauna Brooks talks about having her cheekbones “sawed” on Botched

On this week’s graphic edition of Botched, we meet transgender model Shauna Brooks who is seeking help after having her cheekbones “sawed” and silicone injected into her face.

Shauna traveled all the way to Thailand to get the surgery on her cheekbones after doctors at home told her they wouldn’t do it due to the silicone in her cheeks.

Her story horrifies Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, who explain in great detail how your tissue can break down and die when foreign substances are “pumped” into the soft tissue.

Dr. Nassif says: “Injecting anything permanent into any part of your body is a bad thing. Injecting silicone destroys the underlying tissues by causing a severe inflammatory response and becomes a chronic problem.”

They also warn against seeking any sort of surgery outside of the USA to save money, as doctors may not be as qualified and things can easily go wrong.

Watch the clip below as Shauna outlines how she got to where she is today, starting off with how she began using black market hormone therapy when she was just 14.

She also recounts how in the black urban community, transgender people would rely on illegal silicone injections in their cheeks, breasts, and buttocks to get the feminized look they sought.

Shauna speaking to the doctors on Botched
Shauna is seeking help from Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow after being left unhappy with her look

Shauna is seeking the doctors’ help because she feels her right cheek has been left too big.

But the doctors caution her about the risks of doing more surgery and being left with an even bigger problem.

Dr. Dubrow says if things don’t go quite right and nerves are damaged she could even lose all movement in her face…

Botched airs Sundays at 9pm PT/ET on E!

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