Tracy Spiridakos cuts her hair short after wrapping Chicago P.D., shares before and after pictures

Tracy Spiridakos selfie
Chicago P.D. star Tracy Spiridakos cut her hair after filming wrapped. Pic credit: @Spiridakos/Instagram

Tracy Spiridakos is sporting a new look after filming her final scenes for Chicago P.D.

The One Chicago actress has played Detective Hailey Upton for years, but her final episodes debut this May on NBC.

A recent Chicago P.D. wrap party also served as a goodbye for many cast and crew members. Jon Seda was even in attendance!

One of the Chicago P.D. producers also shared goodbye videos to Tracy Spiridakos. It has been a nice treat for the fans.

Apologies to any fans who haven’t heard that Upton is working on her final cases for Intelligence. The recent episodes haven’t even hinted that she’s almost done.

Luckily, the upcoming Chicago P.D. episode schedule has four brand-new episodes slated to debut in May 2024.

Tracy Spiridakos gets a fresh hairstyle

“So, I did something 😃 and I love it,” Tracy captioned a new Instagram post.

The post features five photos of Tracy, beginning with some images taken before her haircut. She also shares a picture of herself in the chair as she says goodbye to her old hairstyle.  

The last two pictures of Tracy’s post show that she has gone with a shoulder-length cut – much shorter than she has been sporting as Detective Hailey Upton.

Tracy receives support from her followers and Jesse Lee Soffer

The comment section is filling up with positive reactions to Tracy’s hair. In just the first few hours of the post being live, she has 43,230 likes. One of those likes belongs to Jesse Lee Soffer, who played Detective Jay Halstead on the Chicago P.D. cast.

“You’re truly so very pretty with any length of hair, but this long bob on you is absolutely fabulous!!” wrote one fan.

“Ahh thanks for the love! It looks soo good on you!!😍❤️,” noted the stylist who cut her hair.

“This new haircut is so cute 🥺🥰,” posted a One Chicago fan account.

Tracy Spiridakos Haircut Responses
Responses to her new hairstyle have been positive. Pic credit: @Spiridakos/Instagram

More One Chicago news

Here is info on Tracy’s final episode of Chicago P.D. It’s coming up too quickly, suggesting something big is happening on the show.

NBC already ordered Chicago P.D. Season 12, so new episodes will also arrive in the fall.

The Chicago Fire cast added a new firefighter, and he debuts in the first new episode after the spring hiatus.

There is also a big Kelly Severide storyline coming up on Chicago Fire. It’s going to ramp up the drama.

Previous episodes of Chicago P.D. are available to stream on Peacock.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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