Chicago P.D. wrap party: Jesse Lee Soffer appears and another former cast member joins him in surprise return

Jesse Lee Soffer Chicago PD
Jesse Lee Soffer played Detective Jay Halstead on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

The current season of Chicago P.D. has finished filming. While episodes are still left to debut on NBC, the cast and crew have gone home for the summer.

A Chicago P.D. wrap party took place to celebrate the completion of filming. It also gave people a chance to say goodbye to actress Tracy Spiridakos.

Tracy has played Detective Hailey Upton for years, but her final episodes will air this May. Many fans hope it means a return of Detective Jay Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Soffer) to provide some closure.

Jesse was photographed on the Chicago P.D. set recently, as he returned to direct a new episode. It led to rumors that he might step in front of the camera again.

Jesse also appeared at the Chicago P.D. wrap party, taking photos with cast members, crew workers, and fans.

But Jesse wasn’t the most surprising person to appear at the wrap party. That honor belongs to another former Chicago P.D. cast member.

Images shared from the Chicago P.D. wrap party feature former stars

We can go straight to the source for a fun image shared from the Chicago P.D. wrap party.

Jesse is shown with Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Officer Dante Torres) and Jason Beghe (Hank Voight), but he isn’t the face that stands out.

“It was great to see you guys! #onechicago #chicagopd photo,” wrote Jon Seda in the image caption.

That’s right. The actor who played Detective Antonio Dawson was in the house for the Chicago P.D. party.

Many Chicago P.D. fans have already excitedly commented on the photo. They want to know when Antonio will be on the show again.

“When is Detective Antonio Dawson coming back? I miss him on Chicago PD!” wrote one fan.

“Please come back to the show!!” begged another fan.

“WAHT IS THIS A CROSSOVER EPISODE??” questioned another user.

Jon Seda left the show a few seasons ago and had been busy working on another NBC drama called La Brea. That show has since been canceled, so maybe the door is open for Antonio’s return to Chicago P.D.?

Chicago PD Fans
Actor Jon Seda shares a photo from the Chicago P.D. wrap party. Pic credit: @JonSeda/Instagram

More photos from the Chicago P.D. wrap party

Additional photos were shared from the Chicago P.D. party that featured Jon Seda.

“IM FIIIIINE,” wrote an excited UpStead fan.

Yes, Tracy Spiridakos was also in many photographs taken at the event.

Below is one she took with an actress (Angelica Santoyo) who said she was “fortunate enough to be a stand in for multiple actors.”

In this next image, Jesse can be seen in the background as Tracy poses for another photo.

More Chicago P.D. news

More new episodes of Chicago P.D. are set to debut this spring.

Here is the remaining Chicago P.D. schedule on NBC, including the big season finale date.

One of the Chicago P.D. producers shared goodbye videos to Tracy Spiridakos. It’s a nice treat and something every fan should watch.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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27 days ago

jesse being at the wrap party shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Jon is a surprise, for sure.