Chicago P.D. producer shares goodbye videos of Tracy Spiridakos

Tracy Spiridakos On Chicago PD
Tracy Spiridakos has played Detective Hailey Upton on the Chicago P.D. cast for years. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Chicago P.D. has finished filming for Season 11. And that means Tracy Spiridakos has filmed her final scenes.

Tracy has been an integral part of the Chicago P.D. cast for years, but the Season 11 finale is her final episode.

Fellow cast members have often shared goodbye messages on social media this spring. That included a comment from LaRoyce Hawkins (Officer Kevin Atwater) that read #SaveUpton.

Star Jason Beghe (Hank Voight) also recently stated, “It’s not going to be the same” when Tracy leaves the show. He is 100 percent correct in his assessment that the show must now adapt.

Marina Squerciati also posted about getting as many Tracy hugs as possible. Marina continues to play Officer Kim Burgess – a character who has been with the show since the beginning.

Now, some sweet videos of Tracy on set have been shared by Chicago P.D. producer Brian Luce. He is going to miss having Tracy on the show.

Sweet goodbye videos for Tracy Spiridakos

The first video from the Chicago P.D. set is set to the song Time Of Your Life by Paul Anka. It includes Tracy doing table reads, sharing hugs on set, and filming with many characters who have come and gone.

The second video is a slow presentation from set images taken over the years. The featured images include Jesse Lee Soffer (Detective Jay Halstead) and Jon Seda (Detective Antonio Dawson).

How Do I Say Goodbye by Dean Lewis accompanies the second video. It gets pretty emotional.

The third video picks up the tempo a bit, with Have You Seen Her by The Chi-Lites providing the music.

It’s a mix of video clips and still images, all from behind the scenes of the Chicago P.D. set. This one features stuff that has happened more recently, including her time with Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Officer Dante Torres).

More from Chicago P.D.

The One Chicago shows are on an extended hiatus until new episodes arrive in May 2024.

The first new Chicago P.D. episode has a new creepy promo. Upton is featured in this installment.

Jesse Lee Soffer was also spotted on the Chicago P.D. set for an upcoming episode. He served as the director for one, and fans hope he will also pop up to say goodbye (as Halstead) to Upton.

As a reminder, there are only 13 Chicago P.D. Season 11 episodes. The ninth debuted on April 3, leaving just four new ones to debut in May.

Previous episodes of Chicago P.D. are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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