Chicago Fire spoilers: The big Severide storyline coming

Severide Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) remains one of the most popular members of the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Chicago Fire has teased an intense episode focused on Kelly Severide coming up, and some spoilers have fleshed out the details.

Taylor Kinney returned during Chicago Fire Season 12 to continue playing the popular firefighter. He had gone on a leave of absence during Season 11, causing fans to worry he had left the show for good.

But Severide was back for the Season 12 premiere this winter, reuniting with his wife Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo).

Even though Severide still has an affinity for solving arons, he has committed to being more open about it with Kidd. The couple did have some stumbles earlier this season, but Stellaride appears to be on the same page now.

During one of the final episodes for Season 12, Severide will go missing again, but this time with one of the Firehouse 51 vehicles. What happened? We will soon find out.

As a reminder, the current season only has 13 episodes due to the two Hollywood strikes. It means we are getting very close to the season finale already.

Chicago Fire spoilers about the upcoming Severide disappearance

Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 11 will focus on the disappearance of Kelly Severide. This episode is slated to debut on Wednesday, May 8 – the second new episode after the show returns from hiatus.

“[The new episode] starts with a shock — Kidd walks out to the apparatus floor in the middle of the night to see one of the rigs is missing, and Severide’s phone sits alone on the squad table,” showrunner Andrea Newman told TVLine.

“No one else is in sight. What the hell is going on?” Neman mysteriously added.

Newman also stated that the new episode is a “self-contained thriller” and that “Stella Kidd is a warrior on a mission to find out [what happened].”

It all sounds exciting, especially due to how Newman called the episode a “thriller” for the show. It’s also good that Taylor Kinney will be featured in the episode, even though the promo for that new installment might hint at something nefarious happening to him.

More One Chicago news

The One Chicago shows are on an extended spring hiatus, but here’s when Chicago Fire returns with new episodes.

A new firefighter joins the Chicago Fire cast on that next new episode, giving fans a fresh face to watch as Firehouse 51 takes on some difficult rescues.

A Chicago P.D. producer also shared goodbye videos of Tracy Spiridakos. She has played Detective Hailey Upton for years, but her final episodes have been filmed. Despite many fans and co-stars posting #SaveUpton on social media, the end of her character arc has nearly arrived.

Fellow star Jason Beghe (Hank Voight) also fears Chicago P.D. won’t be the same without her. Her absence is something the show will have to deal with next fall, but at least NBC ordered a new season already.

Previous Chicago Fire episodes are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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