Tommie Lee and Jessica Dime face off over ‘wine in face’ fight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Jessica Dime looking awkwardly at the ground on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Jessica Dime makes a face as she talks to Tommie about their row on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Tommie Lee and Jessica Dime try have it out on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta — after their row where Tommie threw a glass of her wine in Dime’s face.

Tommie made the move at her wine-tasting event in an episode last month while rushing to Tammy’s defence as she tried to move the conversation away from Joseline Hernandez.

Dime felt she was being rudely cut off by Tammy and the pair started to argue before Tommie leapt in with the glass of her Le’Don wine, throwing it it all over Dime.

Tonight Rasheeda brings the trio together so they can try and get over their beef with each other.

Tommie straight out says it wasn’t that she has an issue with Dime, it was just how she was handling the situation with Tammy — and the fact that the argument was happening at her wine-tasting event — that made her lash out.

Tammy and Dime have already managed to smooth things over somewhat since the argument, during their trip to Jamaica.

But when Tommie explains her actions, Dime doesn’t look completely convinced.

Is her argument with Tammy the real reason Tommie was angry, or was it the fact that Dime had made up with Joseline?

Also on tonight’s episode, Stevie J has to deal with the aftermath of the bungled apology Joseline made to his daughters.

Meanwhile, Jasmine goes with Kannon to get his DNA test, and Rasheeda gets surprised by Kirk with a getaway at a cabin.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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Joseline hernandez
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