This Is Us star Chrissy Metz puts fans’ minds at ease

Chrissy Metz on This Is Us
Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on This Is Us, calms fans’ frayed nerves about her future. Pic credit: NBC

Ever since This Is Us used a flash-forward scene in Kevin Pearson’s house without his sister Kate being present, fans have feared that this member of the Pearson’s Big Three is no longer living. Her husband Toby is there, but not Kate.

Well, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, showed up to set the record straight about her character on the hit NBC show that returns after a long hiatus on Tuesday, January 5.

Chrissy Metz talks about Kate’s storyline

When asked by TV Line about this revelation, Metz delivered some honest if not direct reasons regarding why Kate is not seen when This Is Us takes a look into the future.

“I’d like to just tell people that Kate does run errands. She might have things to do,” she states, adding, “She could have gotten the car washed. Who knows? I say not to fret. Also, if she’s not alive, guys, nobody’s ever really gone. I mean, we see that with Jack. So, not to worry either way.”

Fair enough.

Last we saw Kate, she was in the gynecologist’s office with her potential surrogate, Ellie. The two were discussing potential names for the baby, and Kate mentioned that she and Toby liked the moniker Chloe.

Horrified, Ellie put the kibosh on that idea.

She simply hates the name as that is the name of the girl in school who ruined her life. Given that incident, Ellie never wants to be reminded of that person ever again.

Will Kate and Toby stay married on This Is Us?

Then there’s the whole return of Marc debacle, as seen on the sneak peek of the impending This Is Us episode.

One thing we know is that, given the This Is Us audience is meant to believe Kate had an abortion during the time she was running around with bad boy Marc, they know she survived that tough time.

But will she survive a tough time with Toby once her secret is out?

Perhaps her husband during the present simply can’t get over this lie, or at least the omission of the truth.

That said, one thing we also know is that This Is Us delivers one surprising storyline after another.

So, if Kate doesn’t get Toby to forgive her for holding back on a big deal situation, perhaps the two just split up. Or not.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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