The World’s Best sword swallower: ‘Space Cowboy’ can gulp down 29 blades at the same time

Space Cowboy
The Space Cowboy had The World’s Best judges in shock. Pic credit: World’s Best 2019

During last night’s premiere of The World’s Best, Australian performer Chayne Hultgren decided to challenge the judges with a stunt that had some of them gagging, covering their eyes, or watching in shock with their jaws dropped.

And while his stunt of swallowing 29 blades during his performance wasn’t something the judges were cheering about, there is something impressive about the performer.

He holds over 50 Guinness World Records and he has performed in over 40 countries. You can see last night’s performance below.

During his performance, he did various stunts that had everyone in shock, including swallowing a long tube with a microphone so the judges could hear his heart. He also swallowed a sword with two big beer kegs to add weight with only his core holding the kegs. He revealed the weight was over 130 pounds.

Space Cowboy actually broke the Guinness World Record when he swallowed 17 swords at a time. He later beat his own record with 24, but it has been broken since then when Red Stuart swalloeed 52 swords.

On The World’s Best, he attempted to swallow 29 swords and he did it without a flinch. The panel of judges struggled to look at him while he completed his stunt during the show.

It was clear that his stunt isn’t everyone’s cup tea. He got a low score from Drew Barrymore, and he didn’t get the votes he needed from the world panel.

This isn’t the first time that Space Cowboy was displaying his amazing feats. Back in 2012, he went on Australia’s Got Talent, where 28 motorbikes drove on top of a ramp placed on him, as he lay on a bed of nails.

Even though he didn’t get a second chance, it sounds like you may be able to see Space Cowboy on future talent shows that comes your way, as he said he would likely try something different next time around.

The next episode of The World’s Best 2019 airs Wednesday, February 6, at 8/7c on CBS.

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