The Walking Dead spoilers: What happens during Season 9 Episode 2?

Melissa McBride as Carol on The Walking Dead
Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Lots of reported The Walking Dead spoilers are doing the rounds on social media ahead of Season 9 Episode 2.

These TWD spoilers all revolve around the October 14 episode called The Bridge.

Keep in mind, that while these TWD spoilers may be believable and mostly reliable, none of the information has been confirmed by AMC ahead of time — so you’ll just have to tune in to find out if they’re right or not!

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The Walking Dead spoilers for October 14 episode

As has been teased by AMC about Season 9 Episode 2, a lot of the new episode will revolve around the communities trying to fix a bridge that has been taken out by walkers.

While Hilltop isn’t convinced that there is a need to rebuild it, the bridge is necessary for the Saviors remaining at the Sanctuary.

Daryl has taken over as the leader of the Sanctuary, placed in power by Rick Grimes after Negan was defeated.

Daryl isn’t comfortable in this role and that becomes evident when drama comes up while the bridge is being rebuilt. Again, there is friction between Daryl and Rick, which foreshadows what’s coming in Season 9.

Who dies on The Walking Dead tonight?

No, Rick Grimes is not going to die during the second episode of the season. One character isn’t going to make it, though.

Former Savior, Justin, who is played by Zach McGowan, is ready to do some fighting in the October 14 episode. Justin bullies Henry (played by Macsen Lintz) early in the episode and fights Daryl a bit later.

The end for Justin comes as the episode is coming to a close, soon after Rick has banned him from the camps.

Setting out on his own, Justin is murdered by an unseen foe. This provides a cliffhanger about who killed him and questions about what it means for the rest of Season 9. It’s not the only unanswered question, as a certain helicopter reappears as well.

More October 14 Walking Dead spoilers

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead also reveal Michonne will meet with Maggie Greene to discuss what the Hilltop is doing and also about what happened with Gregory.

During the season premiere, Hilltop resident Ken was killed by a walker. His parents, Earl and Tammy Rose, were heartbroken by it. Gregory then primed Earl to try to murder Maggie. He failed, Maggie figured it out, and then Maggie hanged Gregory.

The death of Gregory has created its own problems because it is a choice that could come back to haunt Maggie. For now, though, she has control of Hilltop.

Earl has been separated from Tammy Rose, leading to his wife growing increasingly frustrated with Maggie. There are also seeds of disagreement from Jesus and Michonne when it comes to how Maggie is leading.

Additional moments from the October 14 episode include a romantic scene between Gabriel and Anne, Rick speaking to Negan at his jail cell, and scenes between Carol and Ezekiel.

The Walking Dead spoilers also indicate that a fight with walkers is coming, possibly serving as foreshadowing about how difficult it will be for the survivors to all deal with the new horde at their gates.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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