The Walking Dead spoilers: New episode sets stage for death of Rick Grimes

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Attention! The Walking Dead spoilers for the October 28 episode below! On Sunday night, the penultimate episode before the death of Rick Grimes takes place.

It’s a long-known fact that actor Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show, meaning the writers are having to remove his character from the central storylines.

In Season 9 Episode 4, which is called The Obliged, Rick is forced to deal with his past. It also leads to a fight with one of his most trusted friends over the nine years of the show.

It’s an important episode and one that fans are going to want to watch to see the foreshadowing of what’s to come.

October 28 The Walking Dead spoilers

There are a number of important moments from the October 28 episode that TWD fans will be discussing on Monday morning.

They include Daryl revealing what took place at the end of the October 21 episode. As a reminder, Maggie and Daryl discovered the Oceanside women were killing off Saviors.

Rick is not thrilled with the news that Daryl is fine with Saviors getting murdered. This leads to a fight that was shown in the AMC previews for the episode.

The Walking Dead spoilers reveal that they eventually come to terms with each other after fighting it out. Dealing with a walker herd is another story.

Keeping with Rick’s storyline in the episode, a riot breaks out at camp, which has been foreshadowed for a while now. The commotion draws the large herd of walkers that Rick has been working hard to keep away from the camps. Rick is caught in the middle of it all and gets thrown from his horse.

The death of Rick Grimes?

There are a lot of rumors and possible The Walking Dead spoilers going around social media right now. Some of them suggest that this is the episode where Rick is going to die, because of the way it comes to an end.

Once Rick is thrown from his horse, he lands on some rebar, becoming impaled by it. The episode will end as Rick fades from consciousness. This is a method often used to kill off characters, but he should be back for Season 9 Episode 5.

More The Walking Dead spoilers

More takes place during The Obliged than just the storylines revolving around Rick. Michone will speak with Negan, who becomes enraged when he is told that Lucille was left behind.

Also, the story arc between Anne (Jadis) and Gabriel opens a new chapter. She threatens to have walkers kill him, but Gabriel again talks himself out of a bad situation. The episode ends with him unconscious (again), so he could be in danger during the next episode as well.

A lot will take place over the next few episodes of The Walking Dead. It will include the introduction of Alpha and Beta, two characters that could threaten everyone.

The Whisperers are coming, but before getting to that point, the characters of Rick Grimes and Maggie Greene may see their final screen time.

Remember these are just spoilers, so keep in mind that these plot points have not been confirmed by AMC yet.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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