Walking Dead midseason premiere: When does show return in 2019?

The Walking Dead image ahead of midseason premiere.
The Walking Dead image ahead of midseason premiere. Pic credit: AMC

The Walking Dead midseason premiere is going to be a hot ticket for AMC. Many fans are already asking when does the show return in 2019?

The bad news is that it is still going to be a while until the new episodes of The Walking Dead debut on the network.

It wasn’t very long ago when the fall finale shocked viewers by providing another character death. But did the character really die? And who killed them?

The first half of Season 9 has already provided a huge impact to the cast.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, was left for dead on the river bank. Then, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, went off to find herself. Lincoln is going to be filming TWD movies for AMC, while Cohan is working on other projects.

Walking Dead midseason premiere: When does show return in 2019?

AMC announced that the first new episode of The Walking Dead will air on Sunday, February 10. That will serve as TWD midseason premiere. The show will return to its familiar 9/8c time slot and there are a lot of episodes coming up on the schedule.

Some key points are going to be covered in the second half of TWD Season 9. A primary focus is going to be on the Whisperers and exactly what happened during the fall finale.

Are the characters outside of the camps and towns at risk of never making it back alive?

Characters named Alpha and Beta will also get a lot of screen-time this season. They are the leader (Alpha) and the right-hand man (Beta) of the Whisperers. Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst will take on those key roles and they are going to have a huge impact on The Walking Dead cast.

There is a lot of ground left to cover in the final eight episodes of Season 9. It all begins with The Walking Dead midseason premiere, and this is an episode that viewers of the show do not want to miss.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c beginning on February 10.

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