The Vet Life season finale: Amazing moment Dr. Blue saves puppy

Dr. Diarra Blue on The Vet Life
Dr. Diarra Blue performs the emergency C-section on tonight’s The Vet Life season finale

Tonight’s season finale of Animal Planet’s The Vet Life contains one of the season’s most heartwarming moments — as Dr. Diarra Blue saves a puppy’s life after it got stuck inside its mother’s uterus.

Mum-to-be Ellie had managed to give birth to a first pup normally, but was unable to have  the second two naturally.

She had to be rushed to the vets’ Cy-Fair Animal Hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. Dr. Blue said: “For whatever reason she wasn’t able to push those other two puppies out.”

Unfortunately, the emergency surgery took place hours after the puppies had had a proper supply of oxygen, so their lives were in grave danger and tragically one of the pups didn’t make it through.

But watch the emotional preview from tonight’s episode of The Vet Life as Dr Blue performs the op to try and get the other puppy out alive — with some emotional results.

Warning: Contains content which some viewers might find disturbing.

Animal Planet’s The Vet Life has been one of the best shows of recent weeks, so we’re all sad in the M&C office that the season is coming to end. But hopefully it will be back soon!

Also on tonight’s episode, Dr. Ross and Dr. Lavigne have their work cut out as they help pets which have some very troublesome eye problems, and the vets also harness their inner actors to make a video for their clinic.

Watch the Animal Planet season finale tonight at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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