The Ranch Part 8 spoilers: Will Rooster return?

Danny Masterson from The Ranch
Danny Masterson from The Ranch. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix released the first half of the fourth and final season of The Ranch over the weekend. Ever since then fans have been swarming with questions.

Some have wondered whether Debra Winger will return to the series as it closes the doors. Others are bothered by the extremely ambiguous finale to Part 7.

But one question fans are still contemplating is the likelihood of Danny Masters as Rooster returning to the show. Will he come back to The Ranch?

Let’s reexamine the troubled history and ponder the possibilities of a Rooster resurgence.

Will Danny Masterson return to The Ranch?

Unfortunately for viewers of Netflix’s The Ranch, Danny Masterson was fired back in December of 2017 from the show amidst heart-wrenching allegations of sexual abuse according to TVLine.

Not only did Masterson play the role of Rooster, but he also held the honorable role of executive producer, until he did some dishonorable things that caused him to lose the coup of both title and character.

Vanity Fair goes on to write that the women who have pointed a finger at Masterson have gone on to file suit against not only Masterson, but the Church of Scientology for refusing to acknowledge what the actor was doing, and leaving them vulnerable to his abuse.

Masterson has chosen to sue the women in return, calling the lawsuit, “ridiculous.” The Hollywood Reporter says one victim of his abuse refuses to back down. Chrissie Carnell Bixler alleges that he would force her to have sex even if she didn’t want to, and would become physical if he was denied.

All three of the women accusing Masterson have similarly heartbreaking stories, everyone claiming to be in some way able to truly consent to sex when he chose to attack them, be it from drinking, sleeping or even being unconscious.

The actor told USA Today none of these accusations are true, but the remarkable likenesses in each of the victims’ stories were enough to cause Netflix concerns.

That said, he is determined to beat these allegations the legal way, and prove that he is not the man these four women insist he is. He will however not be returning to The Ranch as he was fired when the women came forward.

Will Rooster be in The Ranch Part 8?

So what happened to Danny Masterson’s character Rooster on The Ranch after Masterson was fired? Many thought Rooster just up and vanished after getting a murderous threat from Nick.

Soon it becomes clear that rather than a simple disappearance, Rooster will not be coming back because he was riding a motorcycle which he crashed, and supposedly went to his death.

Some, including his brother Colt, remain in a state of grief that refuses to acknowledge he is actually gone. Rather, they cling to the sad belief that he is still alive and faked his own death out of fear of the real thing coming to pass at Nick’s hand.

The more research that Colt does, the more unlikely this far-fetched, grief rooted theory seems, as Rooster has not been seen for quite a while. Police have agreed to find Rooster’s body in an effort to bring closure to the family.

In a poignant moment, Colt discovers a present from Rooster with a sign inside and a onesie for his unborn daughter. This moment appears to be the closure Colt needed, and he is able to help his heartbroken family pick up the pieces, and even plan Rooster’s funeral.

So, sadly for Rooster fans, it’s unlikely Danny Masterson will appear on another episode of The Ranch again. As fans mourn Rooster’s onscreen death, they may have to mourn the end of Danny Masterson’s career as they know it.

In an era synonymous with #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producers and directors aren’t messing around when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse, and the Netflix platform is no exception. Just ask Kevin Spacey.

Whether Masterson can salvage what is left of his career remains to be seen, but what is for sure, is that his career on Netflix and his association with The Ranch are long gone for the moment.

The Ranch Part 7 is streaming now on Netflix.

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Greg Paule
Greg Paule
2 years ago

I hope that the claims against Masterson prove to be false. He was the funniest, laugh out loud, character on the show.