The Proposal’s Winston and Abby: Are they still together? [Updated]

Winston Showan The Proposal
Winston Showan was ready to propose on The Proposal, but is he still with his final pick? Pic credit: @winstonshowan/Instagram

The Proposal was an interesting one this week, as viewers got to meet Winston Showan, a man from across the pond. His accent captured viewers’ hearts and fans were curious as to what he looked like.

His potential suitors were also eager to find out, after liking the sound of a man who said two of the most important things to him were his business and his dog.

They were happily surprised when it was revealed that he was fit, polite, and wore an amazing suit, proving he has style.

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The final two women in contention for his proposal both seemed eager to share their lives with him, opening up about how they thought he was quite the catch. They were both drawn to his good looks and personality, but in the end he could only pick one woman and chose Abby Sullivan, from Vegas.

He proposed to her, but not before they shared a super-awkward first kiss, with some viewers tweeting that he looked like he was swallowing her face. So, what’s the deal? Are they still together?

Sadly, Winston and Abby are no longer together. The Proposal revealed the news on their official Twitter page, saying that the pair enjoyed a trip to Vegas together but later “parted ways amicably”.

The pair do still follow one another on Instagram, though Winston’s Facebook page confirmed he’s single.

Update: As guessed based on Winston’s Facebook profile, he is indeed single. The official Twitter account for The Proposal confirmed last night that Winston and Abby had gone on a date in Las Vegas after the show wrapped, but those to end their engagement amicably.

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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