The Price Is Right viewers blast another abrupt interruption of game show

the price is right host drew carey from june 2024 episode
Host Drew Carey and The Price Is Right got interrupted suddenly during a recent episode. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of The Price Is Right weren’t happy when an abrupt interruption suddenly took their favorite game show off the air.

The longtime game show features contestants playing pricing games, and the games often get suspenseful as contestants reach exciting moments.

A contestant made history during the Showcase with his impressive bid on a recent episode.

As the full episode aired last week, many viewers watched that happen, and social media clips later presented the highlights.

However, an interruption occurred during another recent episode of the popular game show, and it happened early in the program, way before the Showcase.

That led to viewers expressing their frustration over the reason for the sudden interruption, as it’s been one of several in the past few months.

Viewers reacted to The Price Is Right getting ‘cut off’

The Tuesday, June 11 episode of The Price Is Right was abruptly interrupted about 20 minutes into the show. Many networks cut into the program with breaking news to report the verdict for the trial of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

As that happened, fans of the show took to social media to vent about not seeing what else happened on the game show.

“So we interrupted The Price is Right for 30 minutes for something that could’ve taken 30 seconds? Cool,” one fan commented on X (formerly Twitter).

viewer expresses frustration over recent the price is right interruption
Pic credit: @uncleippy/X

Another viewer indicated they’d attended this particular episode of The Price Is Right during the original taping in April.

“waited patiently for 2 months for my episode to air, only for it to be interrupted by not so breaking news this morning,” they wrote.

screenshot from twitter as viewer mentions missing part of the price is right episode
Pic credit: @chantelle_gb/X

Another post said “Price is Right had a dollar spin & $10k Plinko chip in the same show. Due to breaking news on Hunter Biden, who knows what we missed from 11:20-11:45?!?”

screenshot from a twitter user expressing frustration over interrupted episode
Pic credit: @Barth_Jeff/X

Interruptions occurred during the game show in the past several months

Earlier this year, other news coverage interrupted The Price Is Right, and fans also expressed frustration during those instances.

That included coverage in early May of President Joe Biden’s speech about recent protests at college campuses nationwide. In April, news coverage interrupted the game show to report about a 4.8-magnitude earthquake that affected parts of the Northeastern United States.

A commenter on a Reddit subforum post for the game show mentioned an interesting option they receive during interruptions. The individual pointed out that their local CBS station provides a QR code on the screen.

Once viewers scan the code with their mobile devices, they go to a separate live stream of the breaking news coverage while the show they’re watching remains on their TV screens.

“They keep whatever is on running. It’s much better that way anyway,” the commenter said.

screenshot for a reddit commenter mention of qr code for breaking news
Pic credit: u/mrmike6211/Reddit

While some viewers indicated they could not see what happened after the recent episode got interrupted, there is an option. The complete Tuesday, June 11 episode of The Price Is Right is available for on-demand streaming through Paramount+ for subscribers.

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