The Price Is Right viewers slam show as episode gets abruptly disrupted

drew carey face shot from the price is right on may 2 2024
Viewers saw Drew Carey and The Price Is Right suddenly interrupted while airing May 2. Pic credit: CBS

Viewers expressed frustration when a recent disruption affected their favorite game show.

CBS’ The Price Is Right, currently hosted by actor and comedian Drew Carey, was cut off while airing around the nation.

The popular game show features contestants guessing the prices of items in various games for big-ticket prizes and money.

Some contestants win big, including one man who claimed a nice sum from his impressive wheel spinning during the show.

On Thursday, viewers experienced a sudden disruption due to a breaking news report.

It’s not the first time the game show has experienced a disruption or preemption, which often annoys many viewers.

Viewers react to The Price Is Right getting disrupted

On Thursday, May 2, viewers watching The Price Is Right suddenly couldn’t watch the show when a breaking news report arrived.

The game show’s disruption occurred due to coverage of President Joe Biden’s speech addressing the recent protests at campuses around the country.

As one might expect, many viewers weren’t happy with the sudden interruption while watching their favorite show. Many individuals tweeted on X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their frustrations.

“They interrupted my Price is Right for that?” one individual asked in a tweet on the platform.

Screenshot of twitter complaint about price is right disruption
A Price Is Right fan got upset. Pic credit: @khifan/Twitter

“I was watching The Price Is Right and they put this on TV…the people want to watch Plinko,” a commenter wrote, referring to the popular game where contestants can win up to $50,000.

twitter commenter expresses frustration that the price is right disrupted
A frustrated fan. Pic credit: @AlexBeenBased/Twitter

“Aw hell nah they interrupted the price is right,” another Twitter user commented.

screenshot from twitter comment about the price is right
Another frustrated fan. Pic credit: @ellebabexoxo/Twitter

“BOOOO, PUT THE PRICE IS RIGHT BACK ON,” an individual tweeted about the breaking news report disrupting the show.

twitter screenshot of commenter complaining about price is right disruption
The outage caused frustration. Pic credit: @So_Truculent/Twitter

The Price Is Right typically airs a one-hour episode every weekday, with exceptions for holidays.

For some viewers, the game show went back on the air Thursday, May 2, just in time to cover the Showcase Showdown segment, which arrives at the end of each episode. However, many others missed the rest of their favorite show on Thursday.

Additional disruptions and preemptions with recent show episodes

Disruptions and preemptions affect daytime shows throughout the year, including game shows.

A previous Monsters and Critics report covered another recent interruption of The Price Is Right, which occurred last month.

The Friday, April 5 episode was preempted and interrupted in many regions due to coverage of a sudden earthquake felt in the Northeastern United States.

Other daytime programs, including soap operas, have been disrupted due to sports events, such as the recently-concluded March Madness NCAA Tournament, and special news reports or event coverage, like last month’s solar eclipse.

In addition to airing on CBS, some viewers with access to Paramount+ can watch episodes on demand, including the recently disrupted Thursday, May 2 episode.

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Mildred Leone
Mildred Leone
22 days ago

I do not like having my programs disrupted at all. Disrupt the news. Not a scheduled program!!! Not fair.