The Price Is Right contestant is stunned by wheel spins after losing SUV

the price is right host drew carey face shot from april 2024 episode
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey during an April 2024 episode. Pic credit: CBS

A contestant’s luck can change quickly on The Price Is Right, as one man recently stunned himself with his reversal of fortunes.

The popular gameshow has seen some surprising moments, including a contestant’s impressive Showcase Showdown bidding.

More recently, another contestant, Victor, achieved an incredible feat during the Wheel round and beyond.

With the Wheel, contestants get up to two spins to try to total $1, or the amount closest to $1. However, landing on $1 can be pretty rewarding.

The recent spinning display featured host Drew Carey yelling at the wheel and Victor ultimately running around the stage area after his surprising moment.

The spectacular highlight arrived after Victor attempted to win a brand-new vehicle in a pricing game.

The Price Is Right contestant is stunned by his ‘lucky’ Wheel moments

As Victor gave the Wheel a strong spin, Drew asked him to give a shoutout, and he listed off multiple friends and family members. He shouted out his brother, who he said was playing basketball in Rwanda right now.

While he continued speaking, the Wheel crept towards the $1 spot and eventually landed on it. Alarms and buzzers went off to celebrate Victor’s $1,000 victory. He danced excitedly on stage as the crowd cheered and moved over to the winner’s spot.

He then waited out the other two contestants, with one getting a $0.90 total and the other falling five cents short of a dollar.

Since he’d hit $1 on the Wheel, Victor got a second spin to try to land on either five cents, fifteen cents or that $1 spot again.

He gave another strong spin, and the Wheel went around several times. As it slowed down, it landed on that $1 spot in impressive fashion.

Victor was surprised by his success as he began to rush around the stage while fans cheered and Drew celebrated his win. Hitting $1 a second time brought him an additional $25,000 in prize money.

Victor’s win came after appearing on stage to play Line Em Up. He had a shot at a new Chevy Tahoe SUV but failed to win.

However, his Wheel moment brought him plenty of cash to consider another vehicle. If that wasn’t enough, Victor participated in the Showcase Showdown, where he won even more.

“Victor has been lucky all day,” Drew said ahead of a big reveal, saying that he bid closer to his prize package after the other contestant bid too much.

By the time his Price Is Right experience finished, Victor had won $26,000, trips to Maine and Argentina, a Sea-Doo Spark with a trailer, and a Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 motorcycle.

“Victor cleaned up $62,481 worth of prizes. Nice job,” Drew revealed as Victor celebrated with the models and his friend.

Fans celebrated the contestant’s wins

As one might expect, fans of The Price Is Right were also impressed with Victor’s Wheel spins, as many reacted in the comments of the show’s Instagram post.

“Victor was victorious!” a popular comment said.

Another commenter called it a “Great comeback for that young man!”

“Victor winning more than what Family Feud offers for a month. The Price Is Right rules,” another fan wrote.

screenshot shows fans congratulate price is right contestant in instagram comments
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Another commenter took things even further, suggesting the game show needs to bring Victor on as one of the models to join Amber Lancaster, James O’Halloran, and the rest of The Price Is Right crew.

“He’s made for TV,” the commenter said after witnessing his reactions during several highlight moments.

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28 days ago

Bring Victor Back

John Sergent
John Sergent
8 days ago

There is no such thing as “Showcase Showdown bidding.”