The Mooch leaves Celebrity Big Brother: Why did Anthony Scaramucci leave the Big Brother house?

Anthony Scaramucci on Celebrity Big Brother After Dark
The Mooch didn’t last in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Pic credit: POP Tv

Celebrity Big Brother has only been airing for a few days and already the house is in chaos. The biggest casting shock came when Anthony Scaramucci (The Mooch) was confirmed as a cast member. He was hinted at prior to the season beginning, but many viewers thought it was a joke.

Anthony Scaramucci was on the block alongside Jonathan Bennett and Tom Green. The first veto played was won by Ricky Williams who opted not to use it to save any of the nominees. Now, viewers are waiting to see what will happen when the first eviction takes places.

What happened to The Mooch?

When Celebrity Big Brother live feeds went up Tuesday night, Anthony Scaramucci was nowhere to be found.

With all of the cameras in the house and plenty of interest regarding what he could or would say about Donald Trump, it was shocking to viewers when they couldn’t catch a glimpse of him.

He seemingly disappeared, and then he popped up in another country. Anthony Scaramucci was seen in Davos and free from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Why?

The reasoning behind Anthony Scaramucci leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house is unclear. There are several theories about why he left, but the confirmation won’t come until the eviction airs.

Expect the unexpected is the motto

Several viewers picked up a conversation between Lolo and Natalie Eva Marie about what happened with Anthony Scaramucci. It appears that he was revealed to be a “fake” player and left the game some point after the first Power of Veto Ceremony.

If he wasn’t a real player, why was he even in the game? The Mooch revealed that he was a fan of Big Brother, so leaving the game after only six days doesn’t make much sense.

Julie Chen did tell everyone to expect the unexpected in Celebrity Big Brother, and already, there has already been plenty of the unexpected.

The details surrounding Anthony Scaramucci’s exit from the Celebrity Big Brother house will be available soon, but until then, viewers are left sorting through theories.

Celebrity Big Brother returns with a brand new episode on Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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