The Librarians battle Egyptian werewolves controlled by Apep

Egyptian werewolves
The Librarians battle Egyptian werewolves as they face off against evil

In this episode of The Librarians, the group are out to rescue Charlene and find themselves dealing with a pack of Egyptian werewolves.

As you might expect with the werewolves being Egyptian the arch-enemy behind them is Apep and he’s laid an underground trap for the Librarians.

The idea of Egyptian werewolves is not as far fetched as you might think, at least mythologically speaking. The ancient Egyptians had a war god called Wepwawet, also known as the opener of the ways, who was a sort of scout like figure.

Wepwawet giving scepters to pharaoh Seti I, who was the father of Ramesses II

He was usually shown with the head of a wolf or sometimes a grey jackal. This led him to becoming confused or associated with Anubis, who usually has the head of a golden jackal or the African golden wolf as it has been re-classified.

However, the texts indicate the Egyptians saw him as having a lupine connection and there a quite a few others like Anubis who had a part-human part-canid appearance.

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