It will be far from silent in the Library on The Librarians Season 4

The Librarians return to TNT tonight with a fourth season of madcap fantasy adventures. The series was spun off from the hugely successful Librarian movies, which starred Noah Wyle as Flynn Carson heading up a team of librarians whose job it is to track down artifacts that could pose a threat to humanity if they

Eve faces death in the form of The Reaper on The Librarians

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, Eve Baird has a premonition of her own murder at the hands of a supernatural assassin. Eve sees her own violent death in the Library, she might protect the Librarians but who is protecting her? The Reaper is out to get her and there is no apparent way to

The Librarians battle Egyptian werewolves controlled by Apep

In this episode of The Librarians, the group are out to rescue Charlene and find themselves dealing with a pack of Egyptian werewolves. As you might expect with the werewolves being Egyptian the arch-enemy behind them is Apep and he’s laid an underground trap for the Librarians. The idea of Egyptian werewolves is not as far

The Librarians clash with Egyptian God of Chaos Apep in Season 3 premiere

The Librarians are back for Season 3 and it’s chaos that rules in this premiere episode. In this first of the ten episode season, the team must battle with an ancient Egyptian God Chaos who is intent on setting pure evil loose on the Earth. The Librarians are tasked with unravelling a series of baffling