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Eve faces death in the form of The Reaper on The Librarians

Time is running out for Eva Baird in The Librarians
Time is running out for Eve Baird in The Librarians

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, Eve Baird has a premonition of her own murder at the hands of a supernatural assassin.

Eve sees her own violent death in the Library, she might protect the Librarians but who is protecting her?

The Reaper is coming
The Reaper is coming

The Reaper is out to get her and there is no apparent way to stop it. Will the Librarians whom she normally protect be able to pull together and save their protector?

The Librarians stick together!
The Librarians stick together!

Would you argue with Mr. Stabby Fingers?

Lots of questions, find out what happens on this episode!

Watch The Librarians – And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy at 8 PM on TNT.

James Wray

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