The Good Doctor series finale trailer leaves two lives on the line

Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor
Who won’t survive The Good Doctor Season 7? Pic credit: ABC

The Good Doctor is going out with the fates of two fan favorites up in the air.

ABC has released a trailer for The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 10 — the long-running drama’s series finale.

Aaron Glassman’s health has been a significant storyline in the past, and Dr. Shaun Murphy will attempt to do the impossible in the final chapter.

Glassman revealed his cancer had returned at the tail-end of the penultimate episode this week, setting up what’s sure to be a monumental hour.

The trailer delves into the mutual shock of everyone at the hospital after Shaun tells them they can work together to save his life.

The Good Doctor likes to keep fans on their toes, and it sure looks like we’re in for something similar during the final episode.

Has Glassman’s luck run out?

Glassman has beat the odds countless times in the past, and with Shaun desperately trying to assemble a surgical team to save him again, it’s certainly possible.

Another character is also in danger during the series finale. Claire Brown returned on the penultimate episode to get assessed after finding a lump on her breast.

Her arc in the episode was a rollercoaster, but she was given the all-clear, which allowed her to go on a date with her former flame, Jared Kalu.

Because this is The Good Doctor, Claire collapsed on the date, and the episode then followed Jared’s attempts to get Claire back to the hospital.

It’s unclear what’s plaguing Claire, but it will be a pivotal storyline during the series finale as everyone rallies to save not one but two beloved characters.

Is The Good Doctor killing off too many characters?

The Good Doctor has a habit of killing beloved characters in ways that are amplified for shock value, such as when Dr. Neil Melendez was killed after an earthquake.

The series already said goodbye to Dr. Asher Wolke earlier this season after he was the victim of a hate crime.

It’s hard to imagine Shaun managing to save both Claire and Glassman. Still, perhaps the show will feature happiness for a change and surprise viewers because killing off characters in a series finale screams shock value more than anything else.

The episode also has a big task ahead of it as it tries to wrap up countless plots in the space of one hour. Will it be a conclusive ending, or will it feel rushed?

The cancellation of The Good Doctor occurred when production was already underway, so there’s a good chance there will be a lack of closure.

The Good Doctor airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 10/9c. Stream full episodes on Hulu.

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