The GeoBox and GeoPort from Paranormal Lockdown: The world’s best spirit boxes?

George Brown with his GeoPort, and both a static and hand-held version of the GeoBox
George Brown with one of his GeoPorts, and both a static and hand-held version of the GeoBox

George Brown is the creator of the GeoBox spirit box, and latterly the GeoPort spirit communication device, both of which have been used by Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman on Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown.

The boxes are used for spirit communication and have picked up all sorts of messages in the past, with vast improvements made in recent months after George moved from old-school parts to state-of-the-art technology to make his creations.

George has been a believer in the spirit world since he was a child, and invented his boxes because he wanted to create a way to pick up voices from the other side.

Monsters and Critics spoke to him to find out more about his remarkable inventions, as well as his work with Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown…

Monsters and Critics: Hi, George. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, your background etc, and how you got into the paranormal?

George Brown: I’m from Toledo, Ohio, and have lived in the area since birth.

One of the few common interests that brought my parents and myself together was paranormal documentaries.

Having a ghost in the house was something I took for granted. So many things happened we kind of just figured it was normal.

My parents had numerous stories of our deceased family paying friendly visits and looking out for us. If only I had a nickel for every time my Mom said “That was your guardian angel looking out for you”.

My parents even made a pact that whoever passed first, the other would drop in just once to confirm things are okay on the other side. Like Houdini did.

I was the kid that was taking toys apart and building new things from the mess.

I was the artist type too, always drawing and creating things.

I thought I had invented the touchless faucet as a teen in the 1980s but then found out it was already patented.

I enrolled in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and became an engineer.

After money ran out two years into my degree I also became an Air Force Electrical Systems Specialist then returned for my B.S.E. Engineering degree.

I’ve enjoyed paranormal documentaries since the 1970s, and I’m also intrigued by mediums/sensitives. I always believed they could help solve crimes.

Seeing the shows document sincere reports of their paranormal experiences on TV, and having occasionally experienced it at home, I knew there was something real happening, and I thought more should be done to try and understand the paranormal realm.

It wasn’t until my early 30s that I actually purchased my first EMF (electromagnetic field) detector.

It had a big blinking red light that alerted you to the EMF fluctuations and I remember thinking that the blinks on the light seemed to be patterned like speech and wondered if I could develop a way to understand it as verbal communication.

M&C: You feature on the Bellaire House episode of Paranormal Lockdown (Season 2 Episode 6). How did you get to know Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from the show, and what’s it like working with them?

GB: I had offered a few boxes for sale and the effectiveness of the box was publicized over YouTube by the well-known paranormal researcher Steve Huff.

Steve had purchased a box of his own. Nick saw Steve’s non-biased review of the GeoBox and called me up to discuss.

Nick and I shared a lot of values relating to respect for the departed and 100 per cent real evidence reporting.

Since we were both in tune with each other’s goals for paranormal research I decided to build a box for the show.

The GeoBox being used by Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown, courtesy of TLC
The GeoBox being used by Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown, courtesy of TLC

The first time I met Nick and Katrina in person was on the show, at Bellaire House. They were very polite and friendly and explained to me and Steve (who also appeared) some of the things that had happened inside the house.

Their sincerity showed through and  it was obvious to me that they were sincere believers in the investigation. Overall the investigation was a very good experience and I felt like I had known them forever.

I’m really hoping to appear to assist in another investigation, maybe next season.

M&C: How many times have they used your devices, and have they been used on any other TV shows?

GB: Currently Paranormal Lockdown is the only show using a GeoBox.

Nearly every episode in Season 2 has used at least one of my devices. I have built five separate devices, three of these are communication devices.

In all they have put in use a full size GeoBox Hybrid device, a handheld GeoBox, a new digital GeoPort device, and Infrasound Generating and Detecting Devices.

Two of George's GeoBox which were used on Paranormal Lockdown
Two of George’s GeoBox which were used on Paranormal Lockdown

M&C: Could you tell us a little bit about the GeoBox Spirit Box, how you came up with the idea, how it’s created and what it does?

GB: The complete GeoBox design came to me while I was in a hospital waiting room awaiting my sister’s high-risk surgery.

I ordered the parts for the first GeoBox on the spot in the waiting room.

The GeoBox device scans radio, and converts this and electromagnetic and vibrational waves to audio.

The sound comes in first through the scanning radio then the EMF circuit and reverb device allows modulation of the source input by fluctuating electromagnetic fields and vibrations.

These are then output as amplified sound.

A schematic diagram of how the GeoBox works
A schematic diagram of how the GeoBox works, and what it contains

With no spirit interactions the device will produce nothing but “radio bleed”, recognizible by hearing things such as commercials and baseball broadcasts, but when the input is being modulated by unseen intelligence the results are quite different.

You find yourself getting answers to questions, requests for help, even full sentence responses.

To add validation to the results of the box there are some replies that cannot be attributed to radio, for instance swearing is not allowed per the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) yet you will get “F-Bombs” through the GeoBox.

Human voices are not sped up on the radio but you will get super-fast speech through the GeoBox that can only be understood properly when slowed down.

Some sentences are started in one voice tonality but change to another as the sentence plays out.

For example a sentence “I need you to help me please” might have a male voice saying “I need you to” and a female finish the sentence with “help me please” .

There are theories for this, such as one spirit may not have the energy so another assists.

Some of the most common phrases that come through the box are “Help me”, which is probably the most common, and “This works” or “It’s working”.

The first box was completed and run on January 27, 2015.

The first GeoBox created by George back in January 2015
The first GeoBox created by George back in January 2015

Before the GeoBox it was the common practice to use white noise and much faster scanning radios called Frank’s Boxes. Responses from these methods usually consisted of single-word voices.

The first GeoBox was getting full sentence replies, some even in the same voice tone.

In addition to the many vocal responses captured from the GeoBox it can also be observed from time to time while reviewing recorded video that physical manifestations occasionally appear while the box is running.

M&C: Could you talk us through the various improvements you’ve made to the box over the years? We notice there are various different versions and updates — the GeoBox II, GeoBox III etc.

GB: The first GeoBox was made for myself to help prove to myself that there really was life after death and maybe allow me to not worry about forever losing my loved ones.

What I put into the first GeoBox was everything I though had a chance of working.

The most recent GeoBox is essentially the same circuit as the first, only I have made great strides in improving the quality/durability of the device.

The GeoBox II, which saw several big improvements
The GeoBox II, which saw several big improvements over the initial one
The third iteration of George's invention, the GeoBox III
The third iteration of George’s invention, the GeoBox III
The J. Fent Edition GeoBox
The special edition J. Fent Edition GeoBox
The Afterlight Paranormal Edition GeoBox
The Afterlight Paranormal Edition GeoBox

The original used vintage parts and I’ve managed to assemble modern equivalents allowing more boxes to be produced.

It’s always been a struggle to understand clearly and in real-time the things that are being said through the GeoBox so I’ve changed some of the “old-school” electromechanical parts to state-of-the-art digital parts.

This new device is named the GeoPort and is somewhat of a partnership between the technology I had used and that which Steve Huff has had success with, and thus gives credit to both the GeoBox and his Portal.

The device is now clearer and easier to understand in real-time without a need to replay the recorded session.

The GeoPort, which is clearer than its predecessors
One version of the GeoPort spirit ITC device
The Black-Box GeoPort
The Black-Box GeoPort, designed to lower the cost and shorten the build window

M&C: What is the strangest/most interesting thing that you’ve picked up using one of your devices?

GB: I have picked up dog barks, profanity, voices saying they love me, my name, friend’s voices and names who have passed, spirits trying to lure me into buildings saying they need to talk with me…

On one absolute sleet-storm nasty cold day in the cemetery I picked up a man busting a gut laughing after joking of how beautiful the day was.

Upon requesting Elvis Presley a loud voice said “The King” and a perfect Elvis voice said “What’s happened?”, but the most interesting to me so far is that I picked up what I believe is the voice of Robin Williams as he and his entourage was heading to a séance.

I heard and recorded Robin’s voice saying “Can Robin come?” among other things and another voice who refers to him as Robin and even a voice who says he was “so close to making a major movie”.

In addition to the many vocal responses captured from the GeoBox it can also be observed from time to time while reviewing recorded video that physical manifestations occasionally appear while the box is running, usually orb-like but once a face and hand popped up for a brief instance.

All caught on video and shared on my YouTube.

M&C: Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

GB: At the time my family is most important but whatever spare time I can muster I devote to making and testing the GeoBox/GeoPort and sharing the results with the public.

M&C: How can people find out more about you and the GeoBox/GeoPort?

I have a Facebook page called GeoBox Spirit Box and I post all my videos on my YouTube channel. I’m planning to develop a webpage sometime this year.

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paulo powers
paulo powers
4 years ago

Can you sell me a geo box ???
If so how much for????
Im a paranormal researcher very dedicated to the chanell….
Paul Powers

Jeanne Darby
Jeanne Darby
4 years ago

How can you purchase a box and how much are they? I watch Jack and Katrina on Portals to Hell and am always so impressed with what comes through.
I’ve purchased a SB7 Spirit Box, a voice recorder and an EMF detector. Am an amateur but am reading about how to properly, respectfully and effectively “ghost” hunt.