The Curse of Oak Island treasure found? Huge Money Pit operation continues as Season 6 premieres

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island and trucks arriving on Oak Island
Rick Lagina discusses the team’s search for treasure on The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 and, inset, trucks arriving on the island earlier this year. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 is finally here — and promises to be the most epic season yet!

Teasers have hinted that not only were operations on the island in 2018 the most extensive ever, but that the team may also have come away with some groundbreaking finds.

The extent of what they discovered remains to be seen, but it appears almost certain that something of significant value has already been found. What’s more, work continues on the island as we speak.

A cryptic post on social media, posted last week, showed a picture of Marty Lagina alongside a quote reading “we’ve found treasure on Oak Island”.

While no additional details were revealed, various other previews and information about the season have hinted at several huge developments in the season ahead.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: What we know so far

Trailers ahead of the Season 6 premiere have dropped some huge hints about what fans are going to get to see, including several potentially groundbreaking discoveries. Here’s what we know so far:

The team find gold

The biggest revelation out of the pre-season trailers is that the team find something made of gold this year — the first ever such discovery made on the island.

While sitting in the island’s famous War Room, Marty Lagina is seen revealing to the team that have found their “first gold on Oak Island”.

It is not yet known what the discovery is, but any gold item on Oak Island would easily be the team’s biggest discovery to date.

It’s also possible that what was shown in the footage may only be a glimpse of what was actually found, and more could be to come — with work continuing to be carried out at the Money Pit and Smith’s Cove even as Season 6 begins.

Mysterious underground chamber

Footage in the trailers also revealed that the team use “game-changing” new technology on the island this year, which allowed them to “see” underneath the ground in the famous Money Pit area for the first time.

Episode descriptions reveal that they find a “mysterious underground chamber” after carrying out dramatic seismic testing. Marty is heard saying in one scene that the new technology used this season makes “last year’s operations seem almost insignificant”.

Smith’s Cove excavation

Footage from the new season, as well as photos which have circulated online over the course of the year, have shown extensive work taking place at Smith’s Cove — where metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton found a medieval lead cross last year.

Previously unknown structure

Footage apparently taken in Smith’s Cove shows the team uncovering a huge wooden structure, along with a voiceover from Marty describing it as “previously unknown”.

Part of the wood is then shown featuring Roman numerals, before an expert is shown saying: “It appears to be Roman.”

Swamp focus

The swamp became a huge focus of the team’s efforts again this year. It’s not yet known why that is, but operations are known to have been carried out there on a large scale. Could they have found something buried underneath it?

Biggest season ever

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 comes after Rick, Marty and the team had their most successful season to date last year, uncovering not only the medieval lead cross but also human bones in the Money Pit area.

However, all clues point to their finds this year being even bigger. What’s more, work was being carried out in the Money Pit area and swamp as recently as three days ago — so some discoveries may still to be made.

Watch the trailer below, and prepare for the biggest season ever!

The Curse of Oak Island returns tonight with a two-hour premiere at 9/8c on History after a “Drilling Down” special hosted by Matty Blake at 8/7c. 

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