The Curse of Oak Island: Team finds lead from mine that produced medieval cross

The latest find on Curse of Oak Island may put them closer to finding treasure than ever
Archaeologist Laird Nevin says this could be the “a-ha moment” the team has been waiting for on The Curse of Oak Island? Pic credit: History

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, the treasure hunting team works with a sense of urgency as the summer weather wanes and the time to depart the island looms large.

Rick and Marty Lagina along with Craig Tester must come to an agreement on how to proceed after the results from a red dye test, designed to locate underground flood tunnels, indicated the presence of such at Smith’s Cove.

It is decided that the crane pad underneath the spot where the dye was found will be dismantled and the area excavated. Luckily they have secured an extension on the amount of time they are allowed to work in Smith’s Cove.

Elsewhere, the news is not good. At Shaft 6, at a depth of nearly 200 feet, the spoils have not revealed the major finds the team thought would be uncovered. Among the discoveries are a possible pipe stem, pottery, and bits of glass. Rick is hopeful that these clues portend human activity in the shaft or in a tunnel associated with the Money Pit.

However, the finds themselves are mostly disappointing, with no a-ha moments associated with them. Still, archeologist Laird Niven declares one bit of stoneware as possibly dating to the early 1700s which could indicate human activity prior to the discovery of the Money Pit.

Undaunted by the largely uninspiring discoveries, the team decides to sink another borehole. Oak Island researchers Doug Crowell and Paul Troutman are consulted on choosing the best possible location.

Looking at Steve Guptill’s virtual master map of holes previously dug on Oak Island, Paul picks a spot roughly 5 feet north of Shaft 6. With the Hedden Shaft and H8 located in the same vicinity, it is an excellent spot to dig. Vanessa Lucido of ROC Equipment is given the honor of naming the latest borehole.

Gary Drayton and Jack Begley uncover a potentially significant find, two lead pieces that were mined in an area of southern France that have ties to the Knights Templar. Everyone is stunned to discover that the lead is from the same mine as the infamous lead cross!

Are these lead pieces the key to unraveling the mystery of Oak Island once and for all?

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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