The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 finale preview: New technology will pinpoint Money Pit

Rick Lagina, Gary Drayton, and Jack Begley on Oak Island
Rick Lagina, Gary Drayton, and Jack Begley continue digging in the Money Pit area on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The History Channel will reveal the Season 9 finale of The Curse of Oak Island tonight. Along with it, the Laginas are set to unveil a new technology that will allow the Fellowship of the dig to pinpoint precisely where to find the Money Pit.

Viewers can expect a large part of tonight’s episode to feature the Fellowship of the Dig in the War Room, discussing all they’ve achieved, not just this year but also in previous years.

It’s now a yearly tradition for the guys to lay out on the table all the artifacts they’ve found in the last nine years and decide how to proceed from there. And from a preview, it looks like Rick Lagina is going to reveal a brand new technology that could change everything.

New technology will allow team to map entire island

Details are scant just now, but Rick is heard stating: “We can actually image the entire island to find the Money Pit.” We then saw a computer-generated 3-D image of Oak Island that included under the surface.

Hopefully, this means they’ll be able to sit back and just watch a computer pinpoint the whereabouts of the Money Pit. Unfortunately, viewers may have to wait for next season for this to happen.

Computer generated image of Oak Island
This computer-generated image of Oak Island could help them find the treasure. Pic credit: History

The History Channel episode description references the hard work the guys have put in and also eludes to how close they are to uncovering the Money Pit:

“After more than a decade of tireless work, the Laginas and their dedicated team have not only proven that the Oak Island history is more profound than anyone thought possible, but are closer than anyone who came before them to finally recovering the treasure.”

Oak Island team are still digging the fifth caisson at the Money Pit

There could, of course, be one last-minute surprise, the guys are still drilling the fifth caisson shaft at the Money Pit. The first four ended in failure, but it’s possible the last throw of the dice could pull up the treasure vault. What an end to the season that would be!

And a preview does show the guys getting excited over a find at the Money Pit. However, it appears to be a tunnel rather than a vault. Rick is heard saying: “The tunnel means we are close to finding the original Money Pit.”

Artifacts found on Oak Island
The team examines artifacts they’ve found on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

Viewers can also expect a debrief from Rick Lagina on their investigation into links between Portugal, Templar Knights, and Oak Island. The guys spent the last two weeks examining various sites of interest in Portugal, and this week, they’ll be back on the island to share what they learned.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays 9/8c on History.

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Bob Jones
Bob Jones
8 months ago

another useless wasted season….done with this fake show

Vernon L Townsend
Vernon L Townsend
7 months ago

I totally agree Bob Jones..I’ve found more just walking around my town, than they have in 10 yrs of fancy digging, “could it be”…lol