The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s high drama in both the swamp and at the Money Pit

Smiley Marty Lagina
Marty Lagina is super happy at the progress being made by the team on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island resumes this week, and it’s all hands on deck as “astonishing revelations” are found at the swamp and the dig team make further progress at the Money Pit.

The Oak Island guys recently began yet another effort to dig up and uncover the secrets of the swamp. The guys are fairly determined to get to the fabled treasure ship buried in the marshy land, and they’ve got Billy Gerhardt working around the clock with a digger with a massive 80-foot reach.

Billy’s had quite a bit of success, too, pulling out various artifacts which the guys reckon may have come off a ship, so we can expect more of the same this week.

From one of the previews, it appears they’ve got a new expert in the War Room to examine some of these swamp-based artifacts, and he can be heard saying at least one of them could have come from a ship. That’s exactly what the guys will be hoping to hear.

Gary Drayton is also back in the swamp this week, and as usual, he’s digging stuff up. From the preview, he’s got his hands on what looks like another plank, possibly a piece of ship’s decking.

However, those who are expecting any major answers in the swamp this week should be aware that Marty Lagina was heard saying, “the swamp is more of a mystery than it’s ever been.”

There’s major excitement at the Money Pit

Meanwhile, a preview also shows a lot of running and shouting at the Money Pit this week. It’s unclear what’s gotten the guys all excited, but it likely has to do with the cavity they found last week. While searching for a tunnel, the drill hit what the guys suspect might be a secret chamber.

On this week’s preview, we can hear an individual shout, “I think they might have it,” and Terry Matheson can be heard exclaiming, “that’s a phenomenon.” It’s too early to tell what exactly “it” is and what is the “phenomenon,” but we do see a hand disappearing into the borehole, so let’s hope they pull out something exciting.

History Channel says Oak Island Rick, Marty and the team ‘uncover astonishing revelations’

The History Channel episode descriptor fails to embellish further on all this but does confirm that the main action this week will be happening in the swamp and at the Money Pit:

“As Rick, Marty, and the team uncover astonishing revelations in the Oak Island swamp, they also make a potentially breakthrough discovery in the Money Pit.”

Don’t forget the team is expecting the arrival of four giant 10-foot wide steel caissons on the island within the next week or so. Therefore, they are desperate for any reliable data that will give them an indication as to where is best to slam those caissons into the ground. So, expect them to go hell for leather over the coming couple of episodes to find something really important.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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