The Curse of Oak Island preview: The guys are ‘following the trail of gold’ deep into the garden shaft

Marty Lagina smiling at an interview
Marty Lagina is determined to get to the source of the gold. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back tonight, and the team is finding more and more gold as they go deeper into the garden shaft at the Money Pit area.

Fans of Oak Island should be prepared for another action-packed show this week, but we can expect the main focus to be on finding the large amount of gold that supposedly resides in the blob area near the garden shaft.

In the words of Rick Lagina, they’re “following the trail of the gold.”

Last week, there was some disappointment when more borehole drilling in the blob area amounted to nothing. However, everyone was immediately buoyed up by archaeologist and metallurgy expert Emma Cullen, who said she’d found a large amount of gold in a sample of wood taken from the garden shaft.

The wood showed traces of gold of 0.11%, which might not sound like a lot, but both Emma and geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner agreed it’s a lot. “That’s a lot of parts per billion,” said Emma.

This week, it looks like Emma is finding even more gold. In a preview, she said, “the counts of gold are getting higher as we go deeper.”

More evidence suggests Money Pit is close to the garden shaft

Recently, a lot of evidence, such as the water sampling data and the carbon-14 data, and wood from structures buried underground, seem to suggest the guys are finally getting close to the treasure.

As the Dumas mining company gets closer to the bottom, everyone’s fingers are firmly crossed. It shouldn’t be too long now.

This week’s episode synopsis from the History Channel is all about the gold, and it is short, sweet, and to the point; it reads:

“As the garden shaft operation gets deeper, the evidence of gold gets stronger.”

The guys have been cramming quite a lot into the episodes this season, and tonight looks no different. This episode is called A Well of Secrets, which likely refers to the mysterious well on Lot 26.

Oak Island team digs for silver at the well on Lot 26

Previously, Ian said he had found a high level of silver in the water of this well, suggesting there may be something of value buried nearby. According to a preview, the guys have decided to dig out the well and excavate the area. Let’s hope they find something.

Meanwhile, blacksmith expert Carmen Legge is back on the show to appraise some artifacts. The team really loves this guy because he always gives top-notch expert advice, and it’s usually good news. In a preview, Carmen can be overheard stating, “we’re looking about 1650 – 1690,” which indicates an artifact that is way older than the initial discovery of the Money Pit.

Carmen’s words probably have something to do with another Gary Drayton discovery. The metal detectorist appears to have pulled a hook-like artifact out of the ground, and he thought it “looks really old.”

A hook-like artifact found on Oak Island
What is Gary Drayton’s latest find on Oak Island? Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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