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The Curse of Oak Island preview: The Fellowship adopts a new aggressive strategy for finding treasure

Jack Begley and Gary Drayton on Oak Island
The finds are coming thick and fast for Gary Drayton and Jack Begley on new season of The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, all indicators point toward the Fellowship adopting a new and more aggressive approach to the island – meaning we can expect to soon see some mega excavations.

Last week, we saw the guys investigating the Lot 15 area, and it seems as though they uncovered an old pine tar kiln, which the guys reckon was used in the construction of the Money Pit. They also believe there’s a tunnel underneath Lot 15, which extends to the Money Pit itself.

As we move into the third episode, it seems as though all the action is at Lot 15, but according to the network description and the two previews, we can see operations will also expand to the swamp.

Is Lot 15 linked to the swamp?

The first episode of this series saw Dr. Spooner still investigating the swamp. This marshy wetland has enticed us all with mysterious stone structures just under the murky surface, along with evidence suggesting a sunken Spanish galleon hidden underneath. And now there’s a suggestion that past activity links the swamp with Lot 15.

As the guys struggle to connect the dots on this strange island, it seems increasingly likely that all the sites are interconnected and part of the same story.

The History Channel’s episode description suggests a big link between Lot 15 and the swamp while also suggesting it’s finally time to dig up the wetlands.

“As Gary and Jack unearth new evidence suggesting substantial industry between Lot 15 and the mysterious swamp, the Fellowship makes the aggressive and expensive decision to excavate the mysterious bog entirely, once and for all.”

Oak Island team has an ‘aggressive agenda’

In the preview, Rick Lagina announces, “we’ve got a pretty aggressive agenda set forth,” and we see a shot of brother Marty, determinedly driving a digger at the stones on Lot 15.

We also hear Dr. Spooner announce that the island probably had a deep water harbor, meaning that there was lots of space for lots of ships to unload tons of treasure.

And, of course, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley are back swinging their fancy new metal detectors; they’ve promised us many more exciting finds.

In the first episode, Gary uncovered an ancient coin that he thought was probably not European. Well, it seems his suspicions will be confirmed in this episode when an expert tells Alex Lagina that the coin is Chinese. The Chinese on Oak Island? This could open a whole new exciting chapter to the story of the island.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.