The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 16 finale winner recap: Who won the final?

the challenge war of the worlds 2 finale episode features winners
Kam, Paulie, Cara, Ashley, Leroy, and Zach of Team USA compete in the final. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 16 arrived on Wednesday, December 11, bringing the grand finale for season 34. In the newest installment, viewers would finally get to see which of the two teams would win the big prize.

Would it be Team USA with more people, or the Brits, a team considered to be the stronger side? Here’s a recap of who won the final for War of the Worlds 2.

Team UK builds up lead as Paulie struggles

The teams continue to push along the grueling course carrying their heavy gurneys. Team USA slows down as Paulie tries to regain his energy. Meanwhile, Team UK gets to the next checkpoint, a pyramid puzzle.

However, they struggle to figure it out as the US team keeps gaining on them. Team UK times out on their puzzle, so they get to leave with their gurney.

Meanwhile, Paulie is back in the game, and he’s able to help his team figure out their puzzle. They start to go again, but fighting breaks out as they are having issues carrying their broken gurney.

Team UK finally reaches the end spot for the gurney. TJ tells them now they have to race down to a boating area to get to their team boat.

Boat trip, sleeping accommodations

The Brits get to their boat for a scenic trip while also getting some refreshments. TJ pulls up on a jetski and tells them to get over to shore to find where they’re sleeping.

The Americans finally get to their boat, and Paulie is cramping up bad. Leroy tries to massage him as Paulie is in agony.

Meanwhile, the Brits arrive on the shore after a swim and find their accommodations. It’s a pit that has two beds on poles set up, but there’s a catch. Large snakes are slithering around on the sand below.

The players have to stand on a ledge next to the pit. Their other option is to sleep on the bed in the pit if they want. So the competitors get to spend their night next to a pit full of snakes.

More puzzles, fewer competitors?

Team USA finally gets to the snake pit and stands on their side. There’s a bed for them as well. Some of the Americans take turns napping, but others aren’t going anywhere near those snakes.

Paulie begins vomiting due to being physically worn down from the gurney carrying. A producer asks if he’s OK, and someone suggests they call a medic, but Paulie seems to be sticking it out.

Morning ultimately arrives, and TJ shows up. He informs them it’s time to play a game within a game. There are 12 puzzles set up at the end of a race area. Each competitor gets a puzzle to solve.

Once they solve it, the competitor has to swim to their team boat. TJ tells them there’s a catch too. There are only four spots on each team boat. So some of the competitors will not be part of the final stretch.

Ninja is the first to finish her puzzle and races towards the water. CT also finishes his and starts to run. Dee is second from Team UK to finish, followed by Rogan.

That leaves Tori vs. Jordan for the final spot. Team USA’s Cara and Paulie finish, so they take off. It’s down to Kam, Leroy, and Zach.

Zach finishes, and so does Jordan, so they both leave the puzzle site. Ashley finishes and starts running. Only Leroy, Kam, and Tori remain at the puzzles while others are swimming for the boat.

The team’s four players who finished the puzzles first get to the boats. Team UK’s boat has CT, Rogan, Dee, and Jordan. Team USA’s boat has Ninja, Cara, Paulie, and Zach.

Who won the final – Team USA or Team UK?

The boats arrive at another island’s shore. It’s time for Chain Gang, where each team’s competitors are chained together for the final stage. They have to race around the six-mile island as a team.

Once they get there, they unchain and solve a puzzle, get in kayaks, and paddle out to a yacht. The first team to do it wins $1 million split up four ways. Team UK gets a five-minute head start due to being ahead.

Team UK gets to the puzzle first, but the USA catches up because Dee was slow in the race. Now it’s down to putting triangular pieces into a puzzle correctly and getting to that yacht.

Team UK’s time runs out, so they get to take off for the kayaks. Team USA is still trying to solve the puzzle. Their time runs out, and now they have to push it with kayaking to the yacht.

The head start helped as Team UK reaches their boat, and wins War of the Worlds 2 final!

Rogan says he is the first-ever Brit eliminated from The Challenge and now the first-ever Brit to win it. Jordan admits it was the toughest season he’s ever done. He says the prize money is going towards his future with Tori.

Dee says everyone considered her a layup, but nobody will doubt her now. CT reflects on his struggle of not being part of Team USA and having to play the role of dad for Team UK.

Team UK raises the British flag on the yacht as Team USA watches it all and thinks about where they went wrong. Now, they’ll all get back together to reminisce and hash things out on the big reunion special next week.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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10 months ago

So Glad CT won !!!!

10 months ago

CT deserves it after all!

10 months ago

Feel bad about Turbo. But he was set up big time. Ashely knew what she was going to do and the problems it was going to cause. Shame on her selfish self!

10 months ago

CT. I think you are great. And congratulations on your wedding. You are a stand up guy. Thanks for getting Diam Brown through her cancer treatments and eventually losing her. She was a special soul!