The Amazing Race recap: Who went home tonight? Did Rachel Reilly break record?

Phil Keoghan Hosts Amazing Race
Phil Keoghan hosting The Amazing Race Season 31. Pic credit: CBS

The latest The Amazing Race recap comes from a dramatic episode of the show on Wednesday night. The seven remaining teams were faced with voting on who should receive a U-Turn during a very important leg.

Last week on the show, Victory Arroyo and Nicole Franzel finished in last place. They had to start out the new episode at the back of the pack, knowing they would have to endure a Speed Bump (extra challenge) at some point.

The new episode began with an equalizer, where all of the teams caught up to the same point of the race. When they did, Phil Keoghan was there to greet them with a shocking revelation.

The U-Turn vote

The seven teams had to vote on which two teams would have to perform both parts of the U-Turn. It was going to be a public vote and Phil noted there were no more non-elimination rounds.

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, as well as Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater were the two teams voted to do the U-Turn. Rachel was very upset about it, while Nicole was very upset that Victor didn’t vote against Rachel and Elissa (he voted against Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran).

Who went home tonight on The Amazing Race?

Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle raced through the challenges and found themselves in front. They nearly won the leg but got caught by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl right before the Pit Stop.

A crossbow challenge came down to Rachel and Elissa from Big Brother going up against Leo and Jamal from past seasons of The Amazing Race. One of the teams would be going home.

Jamal hit the apple first with his crossbow, but Rachel was quick to follow him with the success. That left five teams racing toward the Pit Stop. A number of teams were hinted at being lost by producers, ramping up the drama for the final few moments of the episode.

Despite being U-Turned, Colin and Christie had a third-place finish in the episode. Team Fun got to the mat right behind them. Nicole and Victor finished in fifth, followed quickly by Jamal and Leo.

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater went home tonight on The Amazing Race.

That brings an end to The Amazing Race recap from Wednesday night. There are now just six teams left competing in the race around the world. Who will be the Season 31 winner and take home the $1 million prize?

The Amazing Race airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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