Team Blake battles against Team Adam and Team Kelly on The Voice

Selkii performing on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Monday night’s episode of The Voice was one for the books. It was the first episode of the cross battles, where the judges chose contestants to battle against other judge’s team members.

The episode showed a lot of the singers’ powers, strengths, and of course, their weaknesses. Although many fans have already chosen their favorites, there’s still a lot of skepticism going around in the debate for which contestant will be this season’s winner.

Team Blake’s Kim Cherry goes against Kelly Clarkson’s Betsy Ade

Blake Shelton had first pick tonight for the battle, and he chose Kim Cherry to go up against Kelly Clarkson’s contestant, Betsy Ade.

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Kim Cherry performed the song Poison, which showcased her talent in singing as well as her talent in rapping.

Kim Cherry: "Poison" - The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Betsy Ade took a slightly different path, performing You Oughta Know. The singer gave her own spin on Alanis Morrisette’s broken-heart song but kept the energy of the original.

Betsy Ade: "You Oughta Know" - The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Both singers performed wonderfully. Adam Levine and John Legend both gave their opinions for the other judges’ contestants.

Levine felt Betsy Ade won the battle while Legend warned Clarkson and Shelton that regardless of who wins the battle, there was bound to be a steal.

Mari and Selkii represent Levine and Shelton

Adam Levine chose to go against Blake Shelton. Mari’s talented range and Slekii’s singer-songwriter sounds contrasted wonderfully, showcasing each singer’s different styles.

Mari sang “My My My,” showing off her range and how comfortable she is in her own performing ability. The young singer wowed the audience and judges, her smile and confidence lighting up the stage.

Mari: "My My My!" - The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Selkii took a different route with her performance of “Tom.” While the performance showcased her ability in her genre of singer-songwriter, she also gave her own spin on the performance and gave fans and judges something new to think about.

Selkii: "Torn" - The Voice Cross Battles 2019

John Legend was confident that Mari won, but Kelly Clarkson made a valid point. The two singers are vastly different, so comparing the two makes it a tough decision. The two singers definitely perform in different styles, offering a little inconsistency when comparing their performances.

One thing is for sure, Blake Shelton has chosen a variety of performer’s for his team this year. This gives each judge the opportunity to showcase each of their contestant’s talent and strengths while trying to minimize their weaknesses.

It’s already becoming clear this season who fans think the winners are.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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