Who got the instant save on The Voice last night?

Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice this week was exciting and full of anticipation as fans found out which contestants were moving on to the Top 8 finalists. This season of The Voice has offered many talented artists for fans to see and hear, but fans are anxious to see who will be the winner


The Voice recap: Top 24 perform their songs for America’s vote

Monday night’s episode of The Voice showcased a whole host of great performances from the Top 24 contestants as they try to win America’s vote to be the winner of Season 16. But while many performances wowed fans, others disappointed. However, each team presented wonderful singers, making it a hard choice for fans to decide


Team Blake battles against Team Adam and Team Kelly on The Voice

Monday night’s episode of The Voice was one for the books. It was the first episode of the cross battles, where the judges chose contestants to battle against other judge’s team members. The episode showed a lot of the singers’ powers, strengths, and of course, their weaknesses. Although many fans have already chosen their favorites,

Kim Cherry and Kendra Checketts battle it off on The Voice

Many fans remember when Kim Cherry auditioned on The Voice, performing a hit single from TLC. Kendra Checketts impressed judges as well, and both unique women ended up on Team Blake. In the spirit of making the judges’ choices difficult, Cherry and Checketts battled it out during this week’s battle rounds, performing a perfectly paired