Who got the instant save on The Voice last night?

Kim Cherry, Mari, and JB Crew wait for Instant Vote results
Kim Cherry, Mari, and JB Crew on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice this week was exciting and full of anticipation as fans found out which contestants were moving on to the Top 8 finalists.

This season of The Voice has offered many talented artists for fans to see and hear, but fans are anxious to see who will be the winner of this season. Some teams have more finalists than others, giving an idea as to what kind of winner fans want to see on The Voice this season.

Team Blake wins the instant save

Blake Shelton’s has a strong team this year, his contestants being the majority to move on. Team Blake has dominated The Voice from the cross battles to the top contestants, but it was one of his contestants who won the instant save as well.

Kim Cherry performed My Lovin by En Vogue, staying on track with her throwback performances that fans seem to love. Kim Cherry knows what works for her kind of music and talent and used it to her advantage.

Kim Cherry was in the contest for the instant win against Team Adam’s LB Crew and Mari. Cherry walked away with 39 percent of the votes, Mari had 35 percent, and JB Crew had 29 percent. It was definitely a close vote on the instant save, but fans truly love how Kim Cherry uses her talent to her advantage.

The Top 8 contestants

The Top 8 contestants are extremely talented this season, making it hard for fans to decide who should be the winner of The Voice this season. The contestants for Season 16 have all been strong and talented, but fans have made their choices about what kind of singer they want to win.

Team Blake is dominating the Top 8, with contestants Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener, and Dexter Roberts. John Legend has two contests moving forward, Maelyn Jarmon and Shawn Sounds. Team Kelly has Rod Stokes moving forward in the Top 8 as well.

Unfortunately, Team Adam doesn’t have a contestant in the Top 8 this year, though his input is still widely accepted. After all, he didn’t have a bad team despite no one moving forward.

Fans of The Voice this season seem to be enjoying the country singers more than any other group. All of the contestants are extremely talented, but country artists have taken over The Voice this season, and they’re doing a great job.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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