Kim Cherry and Kendra Checketts battle it off on The Voice

Kendra Checketts and Kim Cherry perform Here on The Voice- inspiring a double steal. Pic credit: NBC

Many fans remember when Kim Cherry auditioned on The Voice, performing a hit single from TLC. Kendra Checketts impressed judges as well, and both unique women ended up on Team Blake.

In the spirit of making the judges’ choices difficult, Cherry and Checketts battled it out during this week’s battle rounds, performing a perfectly paired duet.

The similarities and contrasts

The duo performed Here by Alessia Cara, wowing the judges with their performance. Even though the two were competing, they were visibly encouraging each other throughout their strong performance.

Kim Cherry’s rough and precise voice and annunciation made her a great fit for the song, but Kendra Checketts’s smoother transitions and ability to roughen her voice matched Cherry perfectly.

This performance was so impressive, it was clearly very hard for Blake Shelton to make his decision. Of course, the country singer did finally come to a decision.

Although both women did a wonderful job, Shelton decided that Kim Cherry was a better fit for his team overall. After all, he did use some heavy persuasion to get her on his team in the first place. However, this isn’t the end for Kendra Checketts.

Kendra Checketts joins a new team

The judges were extremely impressed by Kendra Checketts improvements from the blind auditions to the battle rounds. Her ability to match Kim Cherry during their performance was surprising not only to the judges but for the fans as well.

This was probably the hardest decision of the night, resulting in Kim Cherry moving forward, but Kendra Checketts isn’t going home yet. Two judges actually tried to use their steals, but she could only choose one.

Adam Levine and John Legend both hit their steals at almost exactly the same time, wanting to have Kendra Checketts for their own team. Of course, the young singer could only choose one of the men to be her coach.

Although John Legend was an extremely promising coach, Checketts decided to go with Adam Levine this time around. Perhaps it was the rivalry between him and Blake Shelton that swayed her decision, or maybe it was his wonderful compliments, but we may ever know.

One thing is for certain, we’re definitely excited to see where Checketts ends up next during this season.

The Voice airs Monday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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