TD Bank ‘rhythm is a dancer’ commercial: Have you got the moves?

Bank worker dancing in TD Bank commercial
The new TD Bank commercial is a dancing good time. Pic credit: TD Bank

TD Bank has released a brand new commercial and in it, one of the bank’s employees is dancing to Rhythm Is A Dancer, the dance hit by Snap! that took the world by storm in 1992.

The gentleman in the commercial is all alone in the office at 7:08 pm on a rainy night and takes the opportunity to dance in the office whilst there is nobody else around.

Right as he’s about to get really into the dance, there’s a knock at the door. He adjusts his tie and heads to the door to let the customer in. A father stands with his child and the statement, Nothing You’d Expect From a Bank, appears in the middle of the screen.

It’s clear that TD Bank wants to stand out as a fun, relatable and approachable bank. While still corporate, the bank is trying to illustrate it understands the importance of customer care.

The commercial was shared on YouTube and viewers clearly fell in love with the video. Many called the song amazing, while others praised the dancing TD worker, as he showed off some moves.

“Probably one of the best TD commercials! I love the music. Makes me want to dance,” wrote one user named Jonatan Leon.

Another user named Joseph Walter added, “Whoever was in charge of making this commercial deserves a raise! All-time favorite commercial!!”

It’s clear that fans absolutely love this commercial and it does offer something we rarely see from a bank.

Though it might remind some UK readers of the Halifax Bank commercials from a few years ago, that also featured a dancing banker.

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Sue Buckley
Sue Buckley
2 years ago

Great commercial. Who is this?