Survivor Season 40 preview: Host Jeff Probst primes fans for new season

Tony Survivor 40
Former Survivor winner Tony Vlachos returns as a member of the Survivor 40 cast. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor Season 40 preview has been revealed, with host Jeff Probst narrating over a video of the new cast. They aren’t exactly new to the game, though, as 20 former winners are back to compete for a $2 million prize.

The first footage is shared below, along with a number of quotes directly from Probst. He seemed pretty excited during the promo, which echoes the buzz taking place on social media right now.

“It’s the biggest battle in Survivor history.”

YouTube video player

“It’s the most anticipated Survivor season of all-time.”

Edge of Extinction is back, $2 million is on the line, and a huge new twist is designed to make this another drama-filled season of the show. Many of the Survivor 40 cast members know each other outside of the show, including one husband and wife duo (Rob and Amber Mariano). Not to worry — they start out on different tribes.

Survivor: Winners at War sneak peek

Survivor - First look at the 40th season, "Survivor: Winners at War"

The Survivor Season 40 cast members were all teased during the CBS video, but we have a full list for anyone who didn’t catch them all. It includes names like Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow, Ethan Zohn, and Tony Vlachos.

With 20 returning people from varying seasons and themes, there is something for every Survivor fan to enjoy about this season. Sure, some viewers dislike when reality competition shows bring back former competitors, but this season is a true best-of-the-best representation. Probst didn’t undersell it when he was speaking about it.

Tommy Sheehan wins Survivor 39

The fall 2019 season of the show just ended on Wednesday night, with Tommy Sheehan emerging as the winner. It was too late for him to possibly play on Survivor 40, as that show has already wrapped filming as well.

Below is a video that Tommy gave following the season finale, where he speaks about his experiences and what some things were that helped him to become the sole survivor.

Now, we all wait for the Survivor: Winners at War season premiere, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 12 on CBS. That’s a long wait, but it also appears to be a season that is well worth it.

Survivor airs at 8/7c on Wednesday nights beginning in February 2020.

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